Daily Routine

On days I cannot think of anythingto write, Maya has very kindly given prompts. So, Im going to pick one up for today.
A lot of people ask me about my daily routine, so here it is for weekdays when we need to go to work:

5:30am – Wake up to the alarm. Since its so cold these days I make a reason to cuddle for a few more minutes with Chutku and wake up by 5:40.

5:40-6:20am: Keep cooker,milk for boil, start packing Chuktu’s dabbas for lunch and snack at daycare,open door to maid (why does she invariably rings the bell when the milk is about to boil over?), brush teeth and am making a conscious effort to drink 1 large glass of warm water with lemon and honey (heard that it helps cut down cholestrol). Wake up the husband.

6:20 – 6:40 am:Start waking up Chutku, make bed,keep an eye on the sambar/subji on the stove. Once he wakes up spend some 10mins with him cuddling and roling around on the bed until the husband is ready to take over.

6:40am: All cooking done, put vessels for wash/put evening Subji in the fridge, finish packing the litle fellow’s dabbas, clean up the kitchen counter.
On most days its the husband who gives bath and gets Chutku ready. But there are some days when tantrums are thrown that Amma has to give bath and get him ready. So, those days we either swap roles or I finish everything and then attend to chutku until 7am to get him ready…

7-7:20/25am – Have bath and get ready to work.

7:25 – 7:30am – Keep everything downstairs at parents’ place, lock up home and rush into the car.
Meanwhile hubby takes the little fellow on his mandatory “round” in the car.

7:30am to 8:45am: Travel to work time. Hopefully if traffic is kind we would reach by 8:40/45am. This is also the time I spend talking to friends/relatives/checking Whatsapp and FB/Wishing people for their Bdays and Anniversaries.

8:45am to 5:15/5:30pm – Office (Period). My me-time, work,fun, lunch outs, adult conversations and more work.

5:30pm to 7pm – Travel time again. Back home. Sometimes carpooling with collegues if husband is stuck at work.

7pm-8pm – Reach home, keep cooker for Chutku’s dinner/make Chappatis for hubby and me. Sometimes finish self dinner too. Parallely check if he has homework and ensure it gets done.

8pm-8:45pm – Feed Chutku. Yes,takes minimum 45mins. On days the hubby is at home, he feeds dinner which gives me some breathing space.

8:45-9:00pm – Get stuff ready for next day. My clothes,Chutku’s uniform and clothes for next day (I spend atleast 5 mins thinking if it will be hot/cold/rainy-should I send full sleeves and pant for him or shorts and tshirt? Should I keep his hoodie coat or half-arm school sweater is enough…)

9:00pm – Unless there is something else, or hubby is not yet home and Im feeding him dinner, try to be in bed by 9pm. Sometime to spend with Chutku, ask him about his day or just read in bed (bliss time).

9:30pm – Off to bed.

Weekends: Apart from all the cooking for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and outings, meeting people, squeeze in some time for grocery and veggie shopping. Sunday evening are mostly spent preparing for the next week – cutting veggies and storing them in the fridge so I can just pick one up for the day. Only onions dont get cut on sundays because I was told it was unhealthy…

Whew! This is how life is at the moment. For most part I enjoy the routine but gets tiresome on days Im not feeling too well. Some weekends are bliss when there are no social commitments and the hubby has also not gone to play cricket when we can just relax.

Im planning to start waking up by 5am and put in 1/2hr of some form of exercise-what do you think? Can I manage?


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