A Dining Table thoughts

The husband finally decided that a Dining Table was required for the house. We had been living with a foldable 4 seater table since the time we shifted to our home nearly 4yrs back. That too, the MIL gifted it to us since we had invited guests home and didnt have any place to keep the food on, except the kitchen counter (which I was actually ok with). When we shifted to this home, we thought we should invest in a good dining table, but with the hubby’s travel and some talks of long term travel plans, we just put the thought on the back burner.

With all these, I realised that we really havent actually put roots in any one home in all these 8yrs of marriage! Post marriage in 2005, I shifted to the inlaws house. 2007-we moved to the US and very soon realised that we wouldnt be there for long. Oct 2007-2009 – we returned, saw a lot of apartments then decided on building the house ourselves and parallely had Chutku too. 2010, we moved to our own home. When we did shift, we had a 4 month old Chuktu with us and absolutely no money! so, all plans of large investments for the house were put on hold thinking a couple of years down the line and we should be able to afford. Then, my parents shifted with us and brought all their stuff with us-including the dining table so we never felt the lack of one. 2013, and here we are, shifted yet again. Guess in 2014, its time to put a stop to these wanderings and begin to invest in something big for the home?

We have finally decided that we will buy a dining table for our home! No more thinking of long term travels or immediate change of houses anyway. Like the hubby said, we will shift our table too…But before that we need to find that dream table! We have a few ideas clear on what we want in ours – our idea of a Dining Table is big. A 6 seater large teak wood table. A table where we host yummy food parties, dump clothes on, play TT and monopoly, a table that would (hopefully) propel me to cook and present my food better! and most of all- a table to make memories. Memories for us and for Chutku, of hurried breakfast on school day mornings and lazy summer afternoons of juice and milkshakes. Of homeworks on school days and summer holidays filled with crafts and holiday homeworks which occupy the entire table. Of some pen marks and scratches that have a story to tell after 10-15 years. Of early morning coffee with the paper for the husband and I on holidays or maybe when Chutku flies the nest?

We only need to now hunt for *that* perfect dining table 🙂


5 thoughts on “A Dining Table thoughts

  1. hahahaha! we have one which RD and I got after 6 months of marriage. small and compact (typical Mumbai style!) with a glass top! nothing spectacular, but kaam chalau

    Hope you find that table you want 🙂

  2. talk to me about these wanderings!!! still, for this current new home we settled on a square black table – 4 seater. without that its impossible to do all that you have beautifully narrated in the post.. dining table has been the place where major family decisions are taken..
    Good luck with your hunting! Hope you will find the perfect one!

  3. I have been reading you from along time , but this post made me comment, coz I am sailing in the same boat in our almost 7 years of marriage we have not settled in one place, this year we shifting again, I am hoping at least now we will be able to stay for longer time:)…

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