2014 The Party Post

《 Before I begin the next post let me first thank all of you readers who are coming by here and dropping in comments-Thank you very very much. But due to te constraints and network issues its very tough for me to leave comments at your space but I promise that I AM reading all the posts. Very sorry for that. Will try and login from home over weekends to leave comments》

Like every year, I need to record the New Year Party and the fun of the new Year week before its too late.

This year, the party started from the 30th itself. With a cousin and family coming in from Austria, we all met at Delhi Chaatwala for dinner on the 30th night. You can imagine the yummy food – all Bhel and Sevpuri and masala butter milk, ofcourse there was roti and paneer subji and ending with Carrot Halwa.The
kids ran around like mad and me and another cousin’s wife just gave up on the tail-less monkeys!

On the 31st, I had a lunch outing with the girl gang at work. Since it was the last day of the year and most people were on vacation, we had decided the least we could do was eat out. We went to the NoodleBar and had yummy food. I loved the Veg Manchow soup,the fried wantons (Chimmichangas) and the side dish with Teriyaaki sauce. After eating so much, there was hardly any space for dessert!

And then, we went to the in-laws place that evening for the party. MIL had already done the chits for Antakshari and Dumb Charades, the food again was outsourced and all I had to do is some last minute setup of the furniture and cutlery. Fed Chuktu an early dinner by 7:30 (I realised that I DO have the patience to feed him when there arent any other urgent tasks) and by the time I got ready, the rest of the family had begun to arrive. Like every year I wore a new Kurta and made the little fellow wear a new hoodie -a small tradition I follow to begin the new year in new clothes and we were all set.

The food too arrived on time with Samosas,Gobi Manchurian and the congress (peanut) masala. Cousins who
came right after got in the cold drinks and juices. So, we were all set to play and eat. This time though the crowd was a lot less as a Co-Sis has just delivered a baby and that family was missing.We were only 12 adults but that was enough for us to create enough noise! We screamed through the songs of Antakshari – 5 in each team and we only wanted to scream the other team down-who cares about melody when you want fun? until my FIL finally declared all of us as losers for not singing “Chaudavin Ka Chaand” in melody 😛 We mellowed downa bit after that for the kannada songs antakshari which was
mostly participated by only 4-5 of them. Then began the Dumb Charades for Hindi movies – seriously, I have no clue about what was enacted – we just kept shouting out all the movie names that came to our
minds and eventually one of them would be right and the other team would just make faces at us -imagine all adults and acting like kids let loose 😀

In all this chaos, Chutku and little A(1.5yrs old) were quietly watching us all and wondering what got into us!! Chutku even carried the little one as if to say “Dont worry, big brother is here” 🙂 S Chikkappa even had the patience to teach Chutku some snakes and ladders which gave me a lot of joy to watch chutku form his own bonds with every member there. Thats what family is all about – isnt it? We cannot force the relationship on anyone-it needs to grow on us.

As is tradition, we even played Housie and as usual I won a full house. The others are so disgusted that I win every time that they have all refused to play if I play the next time 😦 (I somehow tend to win it every single time!) We then also played a quick musical chair and advertisement slogans both conducted by the hubby. The musical chair was fun though initially the aunts refused to play and the uncles just backed off 🙂

A quick dinner of Pulav, raita, curd rice, chips and malai sandwich later we did a 10 second LOUD count down to 12am, FIL and Chutku cut the eggless blackforest cake and just sat talking for sometime. At 12:45 we decided to disperse since some of us had to work the next day. Finally, just reached home and crashed at 1:30am.

All of 1st Jan was spent recuperating from eating all that food and relaxing. Thinking back, it looks like the new year has started with a lot of good food in good company. Hope the year continues to be sweet, in food and relationships 😀


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