Friday Fun-Chutku’s 4th Bday Party

Every year we think that there will be no party for the Bday, but somehow we end up celebrating big time. Its like the universe conspires to make it happen! I was under the impression that this year, since he no longer comes to the day care at work, and his birthday falls on a sunday, we can just make it simple-
visit the temple and go out somewhere he likes and finish it.

It all started with taking him somewhere he would like. For the last couple of years, I have been wanting to take him to the Martin’s Farm ( to expose the city bred little fellow to some animals. Every year I kept pushing it because I thought either he wouldnt understand or enjoy or remember. Finally, this year, as he turned 4, I thought was the best time. As I Was thinking aloud with the hubby on the matter, I just on a whim asked him if we could call some friends who have kids Chutku’s age, kids that Chutku has already interacted with and played with. The idea began to build. I decided on just 6 other kids who would like to have fun running around and their parents who I knew would be agreeable with a day out at the farm. One of them has another kid of 2yrs old, so in all it was 8 kids and 14
parents and 2 sets of Chutku’s grandparents – that’s it. The food was outsourced – with as much veggies
as could be included and kid friendly – veg rolls, fried rice both with sauce for kids, mutter subji for adults and curd rice. One of the moms that I had invited bakes awesome cakes, so I spoke to her and between us we decided to go for a Carrot Walnut 1 kg cake with Chota Bheem icing on top(his current obsession of Chota Bheem) and a dozen brownie cup-cakes with chota bheem characters on top for the kids. We also bought some chips and tropicana small cartons that the kids could drink without spilling. I had a doubt with the chips but then I gave in thinking its just for 1 meal. I also had to do some more planning in terms of carrying dettol/cotton/cream/hand sanitiser/wet tissues-just in case. I had
also informed (warned) the parents to carry extra pair of clothes and that the kids would get dirty.

On 22nd, we reached there to see 3 HUGE dogs running around unleashed. It freaked us all out. When we asked them to tie the dogs, they point blank refused. We were only hoping the dogs dont chase any of the kids.

Now for the farm: There was a turkey,pony,donkey,goat,geese,iguana,pigs,turtle,rabbit and ducks. There was an animal feeding where the kids were allowed to feed little bits of beans to the goats and the small ‘baa baa black sheep’ as the 2yr old kept saying. The highlight for me was the 2 Emus and the single lone turkey that kept following us everywhere and even scaring the Labrador! The cake cutting happened within minutes because the kids just didnt want to stay in one place. In about 10mins the cake was cut the kids ate the cup cakes and ran out to either the play area or the animal shelter or to play football/basket ball on the concrete ground. I was hoping that the kids would
eat something of the food with sauce but like all the moms there told me-the kids only licked all the sauce and hardly ate any food. I just didnt have control over where chutku was running around and by
the time we were ready to leave, his white chota bheem shirt had turned completely brown with the falling down and rolling the ball over the shirt! All the parents were happy with the venue and all agreed that it couldnt get better with the space the place provided for the kids to run around and play. The weather Gods were kind enough to give enough
sun light but not too hot. By 2pm, the parents were more tired running behind the kids than the kids themselves and slowly we all packed up. Chutku didnt want to let any of his friends go home and kept telling everyone that he wanted to go with them!

The next day when I asked Chutku how his birthday was and what he did-he only remembered playing Football,seeing Tortoise and the Chota Bheem cake cutting! Friends got back with shared photos and everyone said that their kid enjoyed a lot and is still remembering the Emu or the Turkey or the Doggie –
And *that* I would call as a successful party 😀

The chota bheem shirt i painted

With cousin on the high ropes

On the basketball field playing with tyres


Yummyyy Chota Bheem cake

Swinging like a monkey


7 thoughts on “Friday Fun-Chutku’s 4th Bday Party

  1. Happy happy birthday Chutku.. wishing the little boy the best of everything..
    t-shirt looks cool.. wish I can start this t-shirt painting someday.. I am inspired from you and RM but I am not that good with art. May be should introduce Adi to this..

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