Year that went by-2013

It already went by?!! Where did it fly away?!! Im still surprised on how quickly the year went by. Its said that time flies when you are busy, guess that’s what happened to me.

Quite a few changes happened actually. We shifted home to accommodate the little one’s school – something I strongly wasn’t keen about. But when you know that your kid got into a school that would get him through until his class 12 and is also going to teach him middle class values, along with being less pricey, you just go with the flow…With the home shifting, for the first time I realized I could be vulnerable to a bad back! Had major back ache which lasted a week and almost put me on bed-rest – so time to take that health thing seriously!

 Chutku started school- one major milestone in his and our lives. 2 PTMs happened too,and thankfully,not much to worry about. Along with school, a new daycare was found close to home which gave my parents some leverage in dropping and picking him up. The best part of it all-we continue to have parents’ support and hope that we are of some help to them as well…

 One major holiday in terms of Kerala trip in august happened. Hoping the trend of 1 big holiday continues this year too 🙂

 For the first time, hubby travelled onsite for work and it was just Chutku and I for 6 weeks. Not at all easy… Not only did I need to handle my emotions, had to pacify the little one too-some growing-up happened on that front.

 Workwise – Got a promotion and more work. New boss, new responsibilities… All still within my comfort zone.Some travelling to Hyderabad and Mumbai happened, which gave me a chance to meet Swaram and Maya (again,Yay!)

On the emotional front, I realized I needed to put myself first at times and get things done. Things will fall into place automatically then. I learnt to stop depending on others (read Hubby) for my happiness quotient and do something about it myself-that has definitely led to me being in a Happy place most of the times than feeling lonely, left out or depressed.

On the flip side – major weight gain happened. More travelling to and from work now, due to change of house.Some things that I had thought of – like Rajasthan trip or even planting some pots in the house,celebrating festivals with more gusto – continue to take a back seat…Hope to fulfill some of these in 2014.

 Doesn’t look like any life changing stuff happened in 2013 and in retrospect, I would want 2014 to also just be the same-simple and plain and everyday stuff… Sometimes, life wants peace, not excitement! 


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