Resolutions – 2014

Hello Hello Everyone! A Very Happy Healthy Wish-fulfilling New Year to you! 


I know, Im a day late in joining the Blog-a-thon but I’m going to try and make it up by putting 2 posts today 🙂 Lets start with the Resolutions part. I generally don’t really keep any-Im the queen of procrastinating! and I know it…So, lets just say, I need a big enough kick in my err…backside to really get started on something. So, I will just go back to last year’s resolutions post and see if I did anything with any of them listed there.

Being Happy – This is one resolution that should continue. I guess I have made progress on this part. I keep telling myself that there are enough things to feel blessed about and life’s never perfect, so,Im in a more Happy rather peaceful place right now, than what I was this time last year. So, that’s progress and I hope to keep it going. 

Thinking about my own health/Excercise – I finally did get a checkup done and the stuff I was scared about like Thyroid or Sugar didnt come up something totally surprisingly new did- Cholestrol!! :-O A bit on the borderline and I NEED to do some more physical activity to keep fit. Hopefully that should also put a stop to the growing ‘Pear-Shape’. If only the day had 26hrs – yes,26 – 1 extra hr for workout and 1 extra hr to sleep/relax to compensate for the workout 😀

 Eat/Pray/Love – Eat – oh yeah! Huge amounts of it seem to happen with the girl gang at work. Yummy food, new stuff.Will continue to happen this year too 😀 *Fingers crossed* Pray-to keep mental peace, yes, if it means taking deep breaths and trying to think of happy thoughts when things arent going right. Otherwise, on the visiting temples/praying/lighting lamp stuff – nothing happened.I think that’s enough, I’m not too big on spending time and effort standing in long queues for 2 mins of God’s darshan, I believe that he/she will listen if I send out a sincere prayer. Love – working on the “Unconditional” part but not there yet – the past continues to haunt.

 Getting Creative – Absolutely nothing of this happened! Only the usual Bday shirt painting for Chutku’s 4th Bday. Oh! If Gollu counts as being creative-then I finally began to keep Gollu in an extremely small manner. Plan on making it bigger this year if things go well. Blogging too took a backseat-and this is the best way to revive it I guess.

 Finally, Im going to add one more to this list this year – concentrate on career – I need to stop looking back at what I left behind when I moved from mainstream delivery to support. Its been 2 yrs now, I need to take stock of situation and see how I can grow from where I am today. Baby steps have been initiated and I hope to get to a better place by my standards, atleast by the end of the year.

 So, here’s wishing all of you, all the grit and determination you need to make your resolutions into reality. And if you ever feel the need for that kick in your backside – shout out here at the blogsphere and Im sure we will all give you that much needed kick!! 😀


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