Friday Fun-Chutku school updates

{This one is for Seema and Deeps who has been asking for chutku updates for a long time now}

Now that everyone knows Chutku goes to school, I need to put up details of the last 2 PTMs we attended.

The first one, was right after hubby got back from Germany in July end.We went to school, saw all the coloring and pasting he had done, just had a general conversation with the teacher. I asked her about 3-4 times about his behaviour, let her know that he has major temper tantrums at home, asked if he pushes,fights with anyone-for all of which she just smiled and said “No, he’s well behaved”. Whew! That was one think checked. Then I asked her, that he had come home complaining one day that Madam made him sit on the window sill for talking to someone. She said, kids this age have very fertile imagination, we dont do any such thing, especially not like making them sit like that, and he hasnt been punished until now-so dont bother. She again reiterated that she is happy with him and there is no cause for us to worry.

The second one, was just a couple of weekends back where we met the other teacher. She said he is very possessive about the 2 class teachers and does not like anyone else coming to the class! Secondly, if he sits at the back of the class, he ensures to talk to his neighbours and make a lot of noise-so as a rule, just before the class starts, the teachers get him to the first bench :-O And here’s the clicher-he doesnt like to color…

Now for the positives: Though he doesnt like to color-the teacher stressed that he *knows* how to do it-just that he doesnt have the patience to sit and complete it. If compelled, he just ensures completion by scribbing everywhere not minding the borders.

The best part that we liked was when the teacher said that he understands the concepts taught in class-he is even able to come up with his own answers! 😀 finally-they said he has “Natural leadership qualities”-now whatever that means!!

Finally, on the school learnings- He seems to be enjoying school a lot. He comes home and Mom becomes Chuktu and he becomes the teacher, when he teaches Mom everything that happened in school that day. That way we get to know what new rhyme/lesson/yoga has been taught in school.

I hope and pray that this stinct of liking school continues



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