Chutku goes to school

Yesterday, May 29th marked a new phase for us as parents – the little fellow began school. After a lot of thinking and acting, so much that we have even moved houses and new daycare to accomodate his schooling, yesterday was a day that I want to diarise for posterity.

Lets start from the beginning. Over the past 2 weeks we had picked up his school text books – 7 in all, his shoes and socks and went to pick up his uniform on saturday. As luck would have it – we didnt get his uniform shirt-Out of stock.So decided to make him wear the closest shirt he has to his uniform. Then, the little fellow decides to fall sick a day before the school starts-with throat congestion called Croup. I took the day off, took him to the doc and ensured he had his medicines 3 times that day and slept well. Thankfully, by yesterday morning he was feeling better.

Yesterday morning, he suddenly decided that he doesnt want to go to school. All the build-up we had been giving him about going to school in new uniform and shoes with a new bag full of books-came crashing down. But thankfully we didnt push much and he got ready on time. I did want to take him to the temple before he starts school and we had to also start early. So hubby fed him brkfast while I got ready, I took a few pictures for posterity and sent the little fellow down to show himself to his grandparents 🙂 THAT was when it hit me-HARD. I was so excited about him starting school, my baby growing up and us moving houses and running around ensuring things are sorted out and in place, that i hardly had time to “feel” over the past month. At that moment, I couldnt hold back-it was suddenly overwhelming and I cried-yeah, I cried-while I wiped the kitchen counters I had tears streaming down my face while my mind and heart was praying to God that in this new phase he stays safe and healthy and that his education goes smooth without any hiccups ever. I realised that, that was all I could do-we had done all that we could and now there’s no more-its left to him, or his destiny?! And then I felt foolish- there was nothing wrong, so why was I crying? I had become an emotional fool for a mom. Thankfully, nobody saw me shed those few tears and I was back in control again…

We managed to leave on time, finish a quick temple visit and be at the school by 9am. There were more adults at the school than kids 🙂 Parents/granparents/uncles/aunts – everyone…The next 1/2hr the little fellow roamed around looking at everything until it was time for one parent to leave the child in the classrooms. We were asked to form a queue and take the kids to their classrooms. Again Chutku decided he will walk on his own and walked ahead knowing I was right behind him. He walked right to the center of the classroom and then realised that Amma wasnt behind him. He turned to look and saw that I was standing outside the classroom, came running and tears were already forming in his eyes.Meanwhile a teacher caught hold of him and told him to go inside, while I was asked to go-i quickly told him that I will be waiting outside for him and walked away. The 1 hour passed by in a jiffy and by the time I went up to pick him up at 10:30 he was happily chatting with some teacher. We came down the stairs and he asked where Appa was. The second he saw Appa he just ran to him and jumped into his arms full of smiles. A teacher standing there even commented “Ah! look at the happiness”. When I asked him what he did, he only said “I ate biscuit” 🙂 thats about all he remembers of that 1 hour 🙂 rest of it was lost…Dropped him home and then came to work.

Today was a different story altogether. He walked in happily-only once when he saw some other kid crying he said he didnt want to go to school, otherwise he was happy. He didnt even turn back to look at me as he entered the classroom, and an hour later when I went in to pick him up, he was all smiles and told me that he didnt cry. A teacher even said that he was happy and that they had become friends and he was talking non-stop. She said he talks so much! 😀 (And I had to mentally admit that he was my son 😛 ) Today, he told me that they all sang some song, and when the song got over the teacher clapped, so they all clapped too 😀 and that he ate 2 biscuits. For today-Im happy, happy that he didnt cry, happy that he liked the place-thats enough for me right now…

I now have to slowly wait and watch my baby grow his own wings and watch it try to fly-little by little, a hop here, a skip there and a jump to fly away…


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