People to Thank

There are so many people around us that we tend to take for granted. Those that help us on a daily basis. Those that just do their job and get going and we hardly thank them. Remember RMs series (I only linked one here)?

Today, I have a few people to thank, whom I would like to remember and hence this post for posterity:

1. My Current Maid: BhushaNa is her name. Very dedicated lady and very meticulous.Ever since the cook quit, I pray every morning that the maid doesnt take off too! Because that would be too much stress to handle first thing in the morning.
Very early on she confessed that she cannot draw a rangoli-so I just painted one in front of the house. But then, she isnt satisfied šŸ™‚ Every morning she draws a rangoli no matter the lines are all thick and there is no symmetry. This pongal she drew what she called sugarcane but it looked more like a snake to me and mom šŸ˜€ But I dont stop her-ours is the only house she works in and she does all her tasks slowly and quite clean too. Sometimes mom says that she needs to send her home as they would be getting late for work. Best of all-she doesnt crib incase I ask her to do a bit of extra cleaning or to scrape the coconut. * I hope I dont jinx it all by putting it here!*

2. The Auto Driver in the office-No, he doesnt help in anyway but he is there everyday for Chutku to see him and say good morning. He takes no offence when Chutku calls him Pattu and his auto as Toto the auto šŸ˜€ and lets Chutku touch the starter and answers all his questions patiently.

3. The Coffee maker at work – I wonder how he remembers everyone’s choices or is it only mine? He knows I like light coffee a bit more sweeter than what others have and an extra glass to cool the coffee-so I dont need to tell him anything. He just looks at me and keeps it ready making me feel like a celebrity šŸ˜€ Apparently he also knows Deepsi is my friend with whom I go for coffee and he gives her also the extra glass assuming Im with her. Coffee doesnt taste the same if its not made by him.

4. The Volvo bus drivers and conductors – who stop for me if they see me with Chutku, ensure I get a place to sit, dont start until I have settled down ensuring I dont loose my balance with him, even reduce the AC if requested. And putting up with his innumerable questions too incase we happen to sit anywhere near the driver!

5. The Caretakers at the daycare – Last but definitely not the least – They are my lifesavers. Some of them are as attached to Chutku as I am to him. They ensure that he is fed,make him sleep, give him medicine, scold me if I forget to keep something for him (especially some new clothes if there is a Bday celebration at the daycare), tell me to try new veggies and foods which might help improve his immunity and in general tease me that they will feed him non-veg to make him stroner šŸ™‚ I surely am more relaxed knowing he is here at the daycare than leaving him at home with mom/MIL.


9 thoughts on “People to Thank

  1. Its a sweet way to dedicate a post on all the people whom we are thankful to in various ways who would make an impact into out day to day routine… Oh yes I am so glad that the coffee-maker is back, Now I can have my cup-of-coffee without worrying.. Oh yes is he is not available @ the counter, I switch to Tea instead.. ha ha ha

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