A Weekday in My Life

Ani wrote this post on how her days are and she asked how here we manage. So thanks Ani, for giving fodder to this post 🙂

5:30 am – Alarm ring. Snooze and doze for 5 extra mins. Up and finish bath by 6:00am. By the time I go down to the kitchen, mom is up by 5am and has kept the cooker. If its Chappathis that day-she would’ve even rolled them and kept ready for roasting (?) cooking. Somedays I take over if she has just started the rolling.

6:00 – 7:15 am – Multi tasking – cooking lunch and breakfast,cutting fruit for Chutku and packing and making milk and coffee. Somewhere in between I gulp down a glass of milk myself-heating chapatis in one hand, or stirring some subji. Plan what to send for snacks/which fruit to send – Im fussy about what I send in his dabba which takes considerable thinking-different fruit, different snack, different brkfast, different vegetable – all 5 days. No repeats in that week-that way I can ensure some amount of everything goes in and he wont get bored (Well, just my thinking).

7:15 – 7:30 – Chutku is up and ready – he wakes up at about 6:30 (rather woken up) and his Dad gets him ready and sends him down so he can get ready too. So when he comes down, I brush his teeth (or mom does) – its worth a mention because it takes a full 3-4 minutes to convince him to get it done. Then I rush up and get ready in whatever few mins left. Meanwhile the husband is ready, comes down, has his milk (sometimes when he knows I will take more than a couple mins, he even grabs a bit of TV or headlines in the paper), wears shoes and takes all the bags to keep the car out.

7:30 – 8:15/20 – Our travel time to work. Our ‘couple time’ our ‘family time’ and our  ‘chutku time’ too. We talk in general, talk to  Chutku, make him say some random song/rhyme, identify alphabets on the bill boards or he shows us all the cars he knows, we fight-all of it. All the while the radio is switched on so we can catch up on some news or latest songs.

8:30 – 5:00/5:30/6:00 – At work-full time busy, some 1/2 hour time-catch up on the blogs though unfortunately I cant comment from work.

5:00/5:30/6:00 – 7:00 – Out of office and on the way home.If we are lucky, somedays we reach home by 6:30 else its usually 7PM by the time we get home. (If we get later than 7pm my BP Would have shot sky-high).This is mostly my time with Chutku-asking him what he did in the day care, what he wants for dinner, give him some chocolate, and read some book to him. Radio is on and hubby and I are both stressed out. Invariably an argument ensues if we try to have a conversation-so mostly its just time with Chutku.

Somedays if we are very lucky and return home by 6 or 6:30, I get time to have a cup of coffee and sit down to talk to my parents or play for sometime with the little fellow-precious moments that will help me sail through the next few days,smiling.

7:00 – 8:30 – Prepare Chappathis for dinner, knead dough, cut veggies, keep clothes for Chutku and me for the next day. Put clothes for washing. Get updates from my parents on how their day went. Sometimes talk to in-laws/friends/cousins/Aunts putting them on speaker (if Chutku allows). Meanwhile hubby or mom feeds dinner to Chutku and finish their own.

8:30-9:00 – I have my dinner parallely boiling his bottles for night milk and boiling milk. Once done, clean up the kitchen and wrap up for the day. Sometimes the hubby or mom also finish the kitchen cleanup if Chutku is still not sleepy or he’s playing with my Dad.

9:00-10:00 – Talk to Chutku for a few mins, play around,make him do one last su-su and put night diaper (Yeah this needs mention too coz it takes nearly 10mins). In bed by 9:20. While he rolls around pulling my hand or my quilt to snuggle into, I read blog posts-comment, read my comments, check FB statuses somedays or just read whatever book Im currently reading.Somedays I get so engrossed in all this that it would be past 10:30 and the husband who would until then be reading himself or watching Friends on his laptop (his current obsession) or some cricket match in the living room will warn me of the time.

10:30 – Lights off in the Chutku household.

PS: As I write this, I realise how much I’ve begun to depend on Mom for so many things.

PPS: Sh*t, this is a scary thought. I need to again wean myself from this and learn how to manage all on my own in the next 2-3 months if they go back to their home.

Disclaimer: The husband’s involvement in the evening is assuming that he comes home on time with us-else all hubby tasks are quite obviously on my shoulders.


11 thoughts on “A Weekday in My Life

    1. No!!! No work frm home.atleast most days.which is exactly why i wanted to move to this role-no late night client/ offshore calls and no judgement on leaving at 5 once my 9hrs is done. And thr flexibility to login frm home is also there-one off…thank God for small mercies!

  1. You both have just milk for breakfast??? You really need to change that!! Even if its something simple as upma or poha…. grab something to eat. Terrible idea to start the day with just milk!

  2. Agree with ashwathy on just a galss of milk.. Why dont u try and hv ur fav corn flakes.. Thanks wat we do.. and urs look more organised.. Mine is so random and hapazard… God save me.. A good fodder to my post too..

  3. thx RS for sharing about your day.. the cooking part in the morning and evening for the family is my big fear ‘coz I am very slow with cooking 😦 And another worry is spending the time with kids for their school work on daily basis in the evening…

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