The Last Weekend of January

Was quite eventful. Nothing major but a lot of fun times and unexpected events.

Saturday – I had invited my friend, Chaddi-dost :-D, if I may say so, and her family for dinner on Saturday. She and I have been friends since I was 4yrs old and she was 6 yrs when they moved in as our neighbours. We would go out walking every evening discussing our crushes and school/college, friends everything until she got married. She was the first one to know about my love story too 🙂 We used to go out as couples until we went to the US and then they went to the US too and then they were in Mumbai for a couple of years. Though they returned to Bangalore way back in May last year, somehow we could never make time to meet. She wanted to see our home and so I invited them for dinner. Whew! What a lot of preamble.

Now, knowing she would be watching the house and what I’ve cooked, I wanted everything to be the best 🙂 My house cleaning started Friday night and the menu preparation too. To add to it-Mom and Dad went out of town and were to return only in time for dinner. Thankfully, hubby offered to take Chutku to his cricket practice in the morning – which was a blessing for me. I got a peaceful 3 hours while I made the sweet-Milkmaid Coconut laddo (which became a hit), cut and boiled veggies for the Bhaji, made masala for pudina peas pulav and kneaded the chappathi dough. Also, prepared rice and rasam for lunch while the husband got breakfast from hotel 🙂 Later in the day, post breakfast, in-laws visited which gave me sometime to put up my blogpost and then I managed to take a quick nap with Chutku too in the afternoon.

My thought process was that they would only come by 7.30/8 pm so I started the actual making of bhaji and pulav only by 6.30 once the chappathis were made. I was so wrong with that assumption! My friend called at sharp 6.55pm saying they were very close and were at home by  7PM. She, her hubby and their 6 yr old son whom I had met when he was born 🙂 It was a fun 2.5 hrs. The husbands got along very well (which they always did), catching up on everybody and everything over the past 5yrs and then dinner on the dining table so that both the sons could also eat with us 🙂 Chutku surprised me by finishing his 2 chappathis with no fuss-because he wanted to be ‘first’!! Their son S was a quite fellow who began to open up post dinner-showins us his Kung-Fu moves and talking about cars 😀 Thankfully the food was appreciated though I realised that there was no salt in the pulav :-O Blame it on the hurry and over-confidence 😦 to keep the cooker at 6:45! In my defence I only wanted to food to be hot… They left by 9:45pm and we caught another hour of Nach-Baliye on TV and then hit the bed. No, I didnt sleep-I wanted to finish the Marian Keyes novel-The Charming Man and I read until 1:45am. Only then did I get the sleep.

Sunday – There was absolutely no plans for this day. I wanted to go to Chitra Sante but then Seema sent me a link saying that it was on the 30th so I gave up all hopes. Unfortunately read in Sangi’s post that indeed Chitra Sante happened yesterday 😦 Well-no use crying over it now anyway…

Thanks to sleeping late, woke up only by 7.30 along with Chutku. Thankfully mom had already kept the cooker and ready to make Dosas. While they went out, the 3 of us lazed around and played for sometime waiting for my FIL to come home. Once he left, we had lunch and slept until 4.30. 😀 Suddenly, my parents suggested we go to Gandhi Bazaar where they planned to buy me a saree for their housewarming ceremony in Feb :-D. Quickly woke up the sleeping Chutku, had a hurried bath (yes! we were *that* lazy yesterday) and left by 6pm. By the time we finished shopping it was 7:15pm and I suggested that we eat Churmuri at Bugle rock since we had anyway gone that far – I MUST say here that its my favourite place to eat Churmuri (Nippat Bhel) and Tomato masala and pineapple masala and congress (groundnuts) masala. Yummmmm…. My mouth is watering even as I write this though we hogged on all this just last evening 😀 Close the dinner with Nandini Badam/Pista flavoured milk. The little fellow too enjoyed though I didnt want to feed him outside food! He ate a little, announced it was spicy, drank some water and asked for more! He also had the badam milk in ‘shtraaw’. Back home by 8:45pm and he insisted he wanted dinner too. So fed him some dinner watching Son of Sardar and were in bed by 10.00pm. In all a wonderful end to an unexpected Sunday 😀 A new saree and my fave food – what’s there to complain about?


5 thoughts on “The Last Weekend of January

  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend… It has been a while I cooked for guests.. your post makes me feel that now I should cook for someone 🙂
    within 2 hours you purchased saree, had dinner and returned home? that’s cool..

  2. That was a good weekend… Wow my mouth is watering as I read ur post… :'(Phew its been ages that I have been to that exact spot that u hv mentioned… How can you forget to mention Floating tikki????

    Oh u missed the Chitra santhe?? I too anyways cudnt hv made it…

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