Hobbies and Creativity

As a kid/teenager, I loved doing every other activity except study πŸ˜› So I would be the first one to accept projects during Dussera holidays or summer holidays or would be the first one to jump at a chance for singing/dancing during school days. I have wonderful memories of those times.

In middle school, we used to have a hobby class that I would enjoy. Croche, Knitting,Stitching-they used to teach these during the hobby classes and I would always begin them with full fervor. Only that I would loose interest very soon as I could never imagine what the end would look like. Invariably it would be my Granny, who was very artistic, who would finish these for me. I used to also attend summer classes-like Satin flower making at World Culture or some class in Bal Bhavan.

One thing that did catch my attention was painting. I could visualise how it would look in the end and would want to bring what is on my mind onto the paper. Not that I was ever very good at it-but that was always one hobby that I truly enjoyed and brought the project to closure. So, once I came to high-school and could ride the bi-cycle, Granny spoke to a relative who could teach me Nib-Painting. Boy! I had so much fun doing that Nib-Painting that I did one more and gave it to my aunt πŸ™‚ The same relative also told me how we could do glass painting by keeping the glass on top of any design we wanted and painting on the glass. I had seen a golden coloured Saraswati on a Calendar at a friend’s place that I borrowed and painted on glass. After that there was no looking back-I did quite a few glass paintings-because I always knew how the outcome would be, as I would tweek the painting to my liking though I would have a complete canvas under the glass. I would experiment with colours and it was always easy to wipe it off, if I was not happy. That was how I did a lot of Rajasthani paintings-I gifted them to my aunt, my doctor uncle, my Maama and took pride in seeing that they had all displayed it in their living rooms!

When the talk of our own home came up-I got into a frenzy. Did 2 rajasthani paintings thinking I will do a trio that can be hung on the stairs. Completed 2 and then got Pregnant-Full stop to all such stuff for nearly 3 years.

In November I had a cousin’s wedding and with all the blogging I do, I had seen some nice hand made stuff and I asked around if everyone in the family would use the money covers if I made them myself. I got a very enthusiastic “yes” and out came all my old paints, sketch pens, hand made papers and also lots of glitter glues and card making stock available in Itsy Bitsy πŸ˜€

By the time I finished making 10 of them-I was so excited that I made 10 more! πŸ˜€ and my cousin took them all away saying he would use them for all family functions going forward πŸ˜€Β  Now, I dont want to stop doing it, now, I’ve realised its a stress buster for me. It gives me joy to know that I created it.

So watch-out-Next post would be all about these stuff in pictures πŸ˜€

PS: Am trying to complete something for my parents’/Brother’s house warming ceremony and keeping my fingers crossed that I will complete it on time and it would be worth diplaying!


4 thoughts on “Hobbies and Creativity

  1. saw the pictures already and gone awwwww πŸ™‚
    now waiting to see the piece you are doing for your parents/brother.. all the very best for it to turn out as per your wish..

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