Eating out-Pre and Post Chuktu

How often do you eat out? once a week?Once a month?

I think we eat out atleast once a month-the husband and I. He loves eating out, he loves food-period. There was a time before Chutku when we used to go out very frequently. Say, mostly every other weekend. Parents would scold us that half our salary would go in eating out. We loved trying out new restaurants and new cuisine. People would call us up to ask where to eat given the occassion and crowd. We would go to a nice 5star hotel if we were celebrating something or we would even go eat yummy masala puri and paani puri at the corner gaadi on sat/sunday evening when we didnt have the mood to get ready and go out.

Post Chuktu-Full stop to eating out. Rather, during pregnancy when the doctor told me that my sugar levels are fluctuating and I need to be careful of what I eat-we stopped eating out. Once he came along there was just no way could do it. Initially because I was feeding him and he was colicky the doc specifically told me not to eat out/eat spicy food and then by the time I stopped feeding at 8months he was becoming more than a handful for us to enjoy a meal outside. He hated being tied to a high-chair,he would scream and bring the roof down and we couldnt leave him out of the high chair either.

Only recently, I guess from about 6 months back we have begun to go out again-and we are clever now 🙂 We take both sets of parents or atleast one set of parents with us 🙂 So while we eat atleast they take care of him. Also, he wants to experiment too-eat whatever we order. So, its getting quite better. Still we mostly prefer leaving him at home with grandparents while we go.

So, what we do? We leave him in the daycare these days 🙂 Yeah – Daycare. One advantange of us working in the same Organisation is that we can escape for a quick lunch sometimes 🙂 So the past week already we went out twice-now that the husband is a little relaxed he pesters that we eat out and try something new. And OMG! What options we have to explore now! We were surprised we hadnt heard of so many places and so near the office that too! Awesome food!

So, we’re going to do it more often (provided the wallet allows ofcourse). We had been to this place called Habanero (TexMex- awesome gaucamole), Herbs and Spices (Indian and Italian) and if nothing our very own Pizza Hut-yummmm. Plenty of north indian/south indian options too. We are slowly getting back to the groove now – yes its a little heavy on the pockets if we eat regularly so we think we can go out atleast once in 2 months and steal sometime for ourselves while the husband enjoys the food 😀 Yeah, I enjoy the time-off too.

Care to join? 😉 But lets please not talk about the increasing waistline.


9 thoughts on “Eating out-Pre and Post Chuktu

  1. Waw now that sounds so perfect, forget the waistline, I keep doing this lunch date so often these days. And you know we are eating average 8-10times in a month..This is definitely not good for my health and bank. My wishlist this year was to reduce, January so far we been out max 4 times which is good compared to 10 right?

    Kids do change our life, Chucky recently started eating at restaurants too, but she is very picky, either dosa, vada , Paneer, Payasam etc. So when we take her we have to find an Indian place.

    I think I have a lot more to say, may be I should write a post huh 🙂

    1. Ok I can only speak about eating-oyt before and after marriage as of now.. Before marriage, every other weekend when we meet, we used to try new places, eating out was very common… After marriage one in a month we would vouch for it and try a new fancy restaurant..

      These days I like to cook @ home as well as venture out new stuff.. We hv always explored new places, new cusines, some we hv liked and some not… Pani poori n chats are our frequent stop overs… We are loving our recent discovery of yummy panu poori… so much so that just yesterday hubby got 3 plates parcel home and no dinner was prepared @ home at all..

      Oh plz do not talk abt wasteline here… Who cares!!

  2. I use to be a massive eat out type of guy – be it meetings, social gatherings, dates, just a hang out they all use to be in restaurants. I noticed, that over time, the unhealthy type of food (fast food) was slowly reducing my health so I then decided to reduce my intake of fast food to zero over the course of 2 months – which I have done now successfully. Don’t get me wrong – restaurants and fast food places, in my books are two different places – in restaurants the food can be both energising and healthy – but fast food in most cases is the opposite.

    I still do go out to restaurants but much less now – I now cook more often at home and for others (I know – your thinking “a guy and cook” well yes and I love doing it). It impressed everyone, especially when you creatively prepare awesome food.

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