Online Time Pass

Online no longer is just the laptop/desktop. We now even have all those Apps that can be downloaded on the smart phone for timepass.

Me- Blogs and Facebook – easy and interesting timepass options. Though FB has kinda become stale now and I hardly ever check it once a week though Im logged in through my phone at all times. Blogs totally hooked. I have to admit that I was so addicted to reading blogs at one time though I didnt comment much that I used to spend complete days catching up from their first post to the last like reading a novel and then from there jump to some other blog looking at the comments list. I would loose sleep so I could catch up. I would get completely involved. Then I realised this was going too far and for a couple of months decided to back away. I now tell myself that its ok if I dont read/comment every day and I can always catchup when I have a little bit of a free time. But that was beginning to become a vice.

I love reading/browsing the Interior decor’ and design blogs. Especially just before Navaratri,Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Awesome ideas – makes me want to try them out at home. That is the biggest timepass on the net for me when there isnt much work.

I used to read online novels too earlier, I think I can still do it. I would get as involved in it as I can with a real book. Another vice which I realised soon enough to curb before it became harmful!

Most of all-my best fantasy online-Browsing through exotic locations and countries and the 5 star hotels. And pestering the husband to see those links too 🙂 I can drool over those pictures, read the history and plan an entire week’s trip including the costs and where to stay and what activities to do sitting right there at my desk. Away to dreamland 😀

Im sure you can now guess how much of browsing I must’ve done for that Europe trip? 😛

So what’s your online timepass?


7 thoughts on “Online Time Pass

  1. Whenever I can squeeze in time for timepass, I am found reading travel, recipes and decor stuff too 🙂 And blogs ofcourse, though I hardly wrote anything or read other blogs regularly last year.

    It’s only this month that I have actually been making time to write on my blog and read others too. I hope i continue doing so 🙂

    But ya, I can’t read books online. Somehow, I have to hold it in my hands – can be the kindle too 🙂

  2. I like reading blogs too and I like to read older posts too, makes me more connected to a blog! Not that it matters. And I browse recipe sites, interesting links, news etc. I have never tried to read a book on-line though!

  3. A lot of apps help. But even then the joy of sitting with a laptop, clicking on the keyboard and watching the big screen…cannot be replaced by a mobile for sure. That’s just my opinion though! 🙂

  4. I used to very regular on blogs. So little time now. But it is good to catch up on some of the old blogs I used to read. It is like catching up with some real good friends. 🙂

  5. I have stopped browsing from office gives me very less time at home to go over all pending posts, and this daily marathon is killing me, I am unable to catch up all posts..Otherwise I love to do all what you said, I can spend hrs and hrs on finding a travel destination and plan minute by minute 🙂

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