Books on the bedside table

I wrote the previous post on the Mahabharatha books I read and now I thought will just put up all the books/Authors that I’ve read recently or are on my bedside table right now.

Marian Keyes – The Charming Man – My friend F picked this one up at the airport on the way to Hyderabad and said its a good read. So have just begun this and am already feeling its going slow.

The Promise by Danielle Steele-Remember the hindi movie ‘Yeh Waada Raha’? This is the story. Within a few pages I realised it was this story but still couldnt put it down. I need to admit I like Danielle Steele.

Truly Madly Manhattan by Nora Roberts – 2 novels M&B style-light and romantic read. I love reading such books before going to bed – gives me happy dreams 😉

The Angel in the Dark – Tilly Bagshawe (Sidney Sheldon)-Starts off well but the suspense doesnt remain for long. About 40-50 pages into the book and you get to know the story. I picked this one up only because the story line was Sidney Sheldon’s

David Baldacci – husband is hooked to David Baldacci and everytime I run out of my books I pick one of these. Thrilling read and complete time pass.

The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy – I ordered this on Flipkart along with Ashok Banker’s Seeds of War. Ok-Ok read. Predictable storyline and very much on the surface of things. Doesnt actually go deep into any character and kind of seems frivolous.

Midnight’s children by Salman Rushdie – Borrowed it from Deepsi but she said that she couldnt read beyond a few pages and somehow I havent begun it either. Want to read atleast one of Salman Rushdie to see what the hoopla is all about – any inputs?

The Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh – Been wanting to read this for a long time and finally picked it up at blossoms a couple of weekends ago. Anyone read this?

The Time Traveller’s wife – Have been reading good reviews on this on the blogsphere (I think Bride put this up) and so I picked this up though Im yet to begin.

Books on the wishlist:

Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana
Ashok Banker’s Krishna Coriolis series
Couple of Nora Roberts latest both as Nora Roberts and as JD Robb ( I LOVE her Indeath mystery series) Unfortunately didnt get them in Blossoms and am planning to buy them on Flipkart.

What are you all reading?


9 thoughts on “Books on the bedside table

  1. Bookmarking this post. I have to visit Blossoms once, I have been in Bangalore for more than 2 years and never been able to go there. Will drag the not-interested–in-reading driver once I’m done with the blog marathon.

  2. Salman Rushdie is my favourite author, if I had to pick one, and Midnight’s Children probably my all-time favourite novel. Never considered that anyone could not like it. Ha! But maybe Moor’s Last Sigh is easier to read.

  3. Time traveler’s wife is an awesome read… I also haven’t yet read Salman Rushdie and vying of this book. so do tell me when you finish reading it.

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