Mahabharatha in Books

As a child I remember my Grand mother telling me stories of Mahabharatha. During summer holidays, I would sleep next to her in the afternoons and ask her for stories-even when I was in college and she would tell me some ‘Upakathe’ from the Mahabharatha. I had always been fascinated about it and always thought that I should read it sometime – sometime according to me was when I had grown old and was ready for parayana 🙂

Then I began to blog, began to read SnS (Im not getting that exact book review link 😦 )and her reviews of the Mahabharatha books she read began to inspire. So,I asked her and began to look out for the Mahabharatha books. I got hooked on to them so much so that the Husband has begun to tease me that I can write my own books with the amount of ‘research’ Im doing on Mahabharatha 😀

Here’s what I have read so far:

a. Jaya by Devdutt Patnaik -Easy read, not too much text and some explanations given here and there on the rituals. Still some phrases like “Put his seed in a jar” are quite jarring and kind of go back to unexplained territory. For someone who cant read too much text, this book about sums up entire Mahabharatha.

b. Palace Of Illusions – Chitra Banerjee Diwakaruni- First book on Mahabharatha that I read and to say the least-I LOVED it. Draupadi’s view is very refreshing and some stories there area completely new.

c. The MBA series (The Forest of Stories and The Seeds of War released now) – Ashok Banker – Slow read and sometimes I find that there is too much detail on so many rishi munis who might not be actually connected to the main story that it gets kind of boring.

d. Mahabharatha – Ramesh Menon – Best of the lot – 2 big books full of information and extremely interesting read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and there were so many small stories that I remember my Granny having told me and more new ones. I just couldnt put it down until I finished and when it did finish I wanted more! Too good…

Any more suggestions on the Mahabharatha books? Ofcourse Im going to read all the MBA series and also thinking of picking up the ‘Krishna Coriolis’ series from Ashok Banker next.

Next big read – Ramayana – This again, Im no great fan of Rama but SnS has convinced me that its worth reading and so am going to pick this one up.


19 thoughts on “Mahabharatha in Books

  1. my sister got a small book from landmark, but it doesn’t contain a story ,which i expected that it will be like a book, where the entire history of the people of that age will be given and from tip to end i wil learn, but turned into futile, i opened it was full of the last episode of the war. so i closed it 🙂 trying to get a book where everything is given.
    Ramayana will be great, i haven’t read but seen episodes in tv. I bet you will fall in love with rama respect and sita love towards ram. good books to read and learn a lot 🙂 give a try .

  2. POI was my first book on Mahabharatha, that too based on your review only I picked it up I guess. You tempt me to go for Ramesh Menon’s version now. I’m off books this month due to the marathon 😦 Will start my 2013 book reading from Feb

      1. Actually, if I get hooked on to a book, I get restless till I finish it. And when I’m not reading, thoughts about the characters, making assumptions about what is gonna happen next are always on my mind. So I thought, I better finish this marathon and then start reading 😀

  3. There is this translation by Kisari Mohan Ganguly – 4 volumes. I have not progressed anywhere, as flow of language is v. important for me and I don’t find it that easy. There is another translation by Bibek Debroy too, which was more recent and is said to be more easy to read.

  4. I also read RK Narayan’s version but it’s really an abridged version. I’m currently reading Ramesh Menon’s and have a post on it. The Devdutt Patnaik one sounds intriguing mainly because I think I watched a theatrical production of it, during which I fell in love with Karna.

  5. I started with the Kirshna Coriolis and its good… Read the first one “The Kamsa Slayer”…
    And I thought I was the only one who got addicted to “Mahabharata” series….
    Happy Reading!!

  6. Amar chitra katha has the three volumes containing 52 books of Mahabaratha comics. Chutku will also enjoy it later. I got it in Blossoms the first time I came to visit u guys. I also have Mahabaratha by C. Rajagopalachari. He has also written Ramayana.
    Post retirement, I have plans to read the original Mahabaratha and Ramayana 😛 .. lets see how that works

  7. Thanks to you for gifting me POI and also recommending me to buy ACK Mahabharath.. Enjoyed reading both these and also jaya.. I guess i too can post abt Mahabharath n childhood stuff coz there are lot of memories around it..

  8. Wow, thats what am upto right now. I just completed Palace of Illusions(yet to review) and am watching Mahabharatha on Star Vijay with such craze. Despite few comments from my kith and kin, I like MBA on Star Vijay 🙂
    Have you read Karna’s wife? Its on my to read list but the fact that am away from India is denying me access ti such books. I want to read Ashok Banker but the sheer volume baffles me.

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