Technology Exposure-Me Vs Chutku

Sometime back I wrote this post on how technology is affecting the kids. This time around-I am going to park these worries and rather wonder how soon the kids have adapted to these changes.

Do you remember when was the first time you saw a computer? I do-in class 6 when computer classes were introduced to us for the first time. We looked at the huge monitor and typed on the key board-all of us wanted to type on it. And see the letters coming on the black and white screen-it was MS-DOS and BASIC then. After that-nothing for a few years. Then I took up BSc Computer Science and that was when I got access to a computer more often. But until I did my post grad in computer science and take up a job-I did not have the confidence of working on the computer.

Then came the laptop and then the mobile-I guess I’ve always been somewhere behind the curve in buying these things. Laptop became a necessity in the US while the husband would spend maximum time at home. That was when we bought this-5 years ago. And the mobile that I carried for the last 8 years had always been a basic model for calling/messaging only.

I recently upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S3 and I took my own sweet time to add the apps to it-including WP. Im still figuring out how to utilize it completely. There are times when I type a lengthy comment on one of your posts and then suddenly cant figure out the ‘submit comment’ button-because my comment is too long and I dont know how to scroll! :-O . Neither me nor the husband are fans of gaming. So no games on our phones.

Let  me now come to Chuktu. More than an year ago when the little tyke was just 1.5yrs the husband bought an iPhone. He ie; the husband was so thrilled that he said the little fellow would not be able to meddle with his phone at all because its locked and he wouldnt know how to unlock and handed it to him. Chuktu just sat down on the floor, kept the phone between his legs and with his tiny hands moved those even tiny fingers on the screen and voila! the phone unlocked-the laughter on the little monster’s face and the shock on the father’s face was a sight to see! 😀  That was it! After that-Chuktu figured out how to go to the gallery, how to play a video – he even says “Wait amma, loading loading” and even showed is Ammamma how to figure out which is a video and which is a photo.

Coming to my phone-I knew I could keep a complicated swipe password but that would do exactly that-complicate things. I could only hide the phone from him for about a week. After that it was in his hands-he now says he wants Amma phone and not Appa phone as he knows there are more pics on mine than on the husband’s. Ofcourse within a few days he figured out the gallery and the albums and the videos, but what shocked me the other day was-he accidentally went into messaging and tells me-“Amma message ge hogide-nange main screen kodu, naanu album nodtheeni” *Amma its gone to messages,get me the main screen (he has apparently pressed the bottom button but its not worked) I want to see the albums” . And I think it was jargon he was using-message, main screen, album! :-O Whew! how and where did he learn it? Are we inadvertently teaching him all these while we work on our phones/laptops? He even came and told me that there are some birds in some auntie’s phone in the daycare-Im assuming Angry birds -which neither of us have.

Not just him, I see other kids in the daycare too-who ask the lady to play the DVD and sit and watch the cartoons- at 1 year and know how to work on the phones-not just their mommies-but others’s too! Really?! Should I be surprised at the amount of knowledge the kids grasp while just browsing and watching us or should I start being more watchful of what I do/say and of his environment?


4 thoughts on “Technology Exposure-Me Vs Chutku

  1. Interesting post and I think I have similar stuff to say about Chucky and her usage of iPad and other stuff..I think I will do a post instead 🙂

    Chutku is super cute..Give him a tight hug, next time I won’t miss meeting you all..

  2. Our generation had to adapt from physical banking to online, snail mail to email, basic mobile phones to smart phones. But that is the given minimum for the new generation. I think we ought not to let technology overtake learning but it is definitely going to be increasingly imbibed in their daily lives.

  3. I know!! Kids are so tech-savvy these days it’s mind-boggling. But I guess they are born into a technologically advanced world…. so it’s very different from the days we were kids.

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