Have a Sweet Tooth?

Do you? I do. I LOOOVEEE Sweets πŸ™‚ Loving sweets not just in sweet dishes or chocolates. I eat mostly anything with sugar added to it – idly, chappati, dosa, upma-with ghee and sugar or just sugar. I Love hot chappatis with jam. I eat coconut and ground nut with jaggery. I used to eat cold malai – taken from the top of the milk with sugar during summer holidays. I remember making ‘ice cream’ out of it and keeping it back in the fridge andΒ savoringΒ it little by little-brother and I. Oh yeah! he is a sweet lover too…Just today morning mom was remembering the time when he would eat the sakkare acchu one after the other or the times when we would finish dabba of raisins, no matter where she used to hide it. She used to always scold us saying there are ants with 2 legs in our home-they steal all my raisins and I never find them when I want to add it to something. And I love milk powder and milk maid too πŸ™‚ Its sweet-aint it?

The husband though, is quite opposite-had to be right? He doesnt like sweets at all. He eats-if I force him to. Else-he is choosy or just tastes it. So, I was hoping that the son would be like me atleast in this-but alas! the Gods above refused to hear this request. Chutku hates sweets. It breaks my heart everytime to see him ‘thoo-ing’ anything remotely sweet. Mom made gulab jamoons a few months back and we gave it so much hype to Chuktu. He was running around the house saying he will eat Jamoon but one small bite-he didnt even swallow-he just spit it right there, shuddered, said “Chennilla” *not nice* with a scrunched up nose and walked off πŸ˜₯ Boohooo. The husband who was watching the scene literally rolled on the floor laughing. Sad, really sad… But Chutku-the little monster loves spicy food. Especially what we call ‘haaLu-mooLu” in our home-all the chakkali, koDbaLe, mixtures-no matter how spicy it is, he will neatly keep his sippy next to him, sit down with the bowl full (yes, he insists that it be bowl-full) with a spoon and enjoys whatever it is that he is eating. With his eyes and nose watering, ear turning red and mouthful of water he says “Amma suuperaagide” πŸ˜› to him.

To add salt to injury the other day, my aunt told me this superstition: kids who dont like sweets means they dont like their moms. So far-I know thats not true-my little one shows me that he loves me in innumerable ways-but still…boohooo again 😦

So-do you have a sweet tooth? Does your kid enjoy the same taste as you?


9 thoughts on “Have a Sweet Tooth?

  1. Some times, it is nice to have 2 kids. One, who eats anything that is sweet. And, the other, who eats anything that is spicy! πŸ™‚

    I really believe Chutku will begin liking sweets in some time!

  2. I LOVE sweets!! Hubby likes them too, but definitely not in my league. Now we have to see what our little ones turn out to be like.

    And please don’t bother about nonsense such as ” kids who dont like sweets means they dont like their moms. ” Not worth it.

  3. I am in awe of all those bloggers who find to upload a post everyday. I see you are one of those awesome everyday blogger. Nice post. πŸ™‚

    I do have a sweet-tooth, inherited that is and nothing remotely sweet lasts for more than a day (depending upon the size, quantity) in my home !

  4. I have a sweet tooth. A huge one (well not as big as you seem to have but it is beeegggg). Buzz would not try anything sweet till a few months back. Then came cakes, icecreams and candy. Social pressure or whatever it was she started eatting those and has since started eatting other sweets as well. So I would say give it time before you give up on little Chutku. πŸ™‚

  5. I am not a very sweet loving person..It seems hubby in his childhood days used to gulp down so much sugar that his mom used to hide sugar and say that sugar is over at home… and the clever boy used to question – How is the tea sweet? to which my cleaverer MIL used to say , they have mixed sugar in Tea powder…

    Now hubby is not that a sweet fellow.. and really not sure how our kid may develop..
    Chutku loves sweets or not he wud defenetely love you dearie.. stop thinking abt some nonsense proverbs.. n chill maadi!!

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