Meeting Sugar and Spice

Ever since that blogger meet at my place in September, I had been thinking that it would be fun to meet more bloggers that I read regularly. Once we start blogging slowly there are times that we begin to exchange personal emails and pictures and we begin to get a better idea of the person whom we read. I always wanted to meet RM – which I did *Cheshire Cat Grin* and then I already knew Deepsi and Seema and had met Garima and Summerscript. I met Uma, Smita, Nithya at my place,so one another person that I wanted to meet was SnS. I love the words she uses and the way she writes and the bigger catch was-ofcouse – the Twins! πŸ™‚ Read her account here. I was so overwhelmed when she wrote this. Such a lovely post πŸ™‚

So when my hyderabad trip got finalised, I mailed her and called her, we discussed when and where to meet but could not finalise anything then. Once I reached Hyderabad, I called her and we made plans to meet on sunday evening/monday at Shilparamam and then I would go back to her home to meet the twins. I didnt want to impose myself on her for any meal knowing she was already stressed at work and she kept insisting that it was fine.

After the Shilparamam fiasco on sunday, I called her again to know what we could do and she suggested inorbit mall and then as they were going out too they would pick me up. So, at 7pm that evening I called her and she asked me to get off at a signal and then while I crossed the road searching for her she told me that she is wearing a red duppatta and it stuck *then* that we didnt know how the other looked! πŸ™‚ We began chattering away immediately as I got into the car and the twins sitting in the front seat asked ‘kutti paap enge?’ I answered no kutti paapa and though keer was satisfied with that answer kau kept peeping back to see who I am. I loved playing peek-a-boo with him πŸ™‚ About 10mins drive latet we reached their home and I kind of introduced myself to the silent CH in the lift. I guess he was quite taken aback by the nonstop chatter happening in the back seat and he kept wondering for how long had SnS and me known each other and how it was possible to just take-off like we were continuing some earlier conversation. HeΒ quietlyΒ left the living room for us to chatter while I think he was pottering in the kitchen keeping rice for us and also checking his office mails.

SnS told me that the twins might take sometime getting used to me and I eas feeling bad because I didnt have so much time but I was thrilled when they both just climbed onto the sofa on either side of me and began to show me their new sketchpens. I gave them the t-shirts I had got for them and keer immediately modelled it for me too πŸ˜€ I drew with them and coloured with them and they told me stories- each one pulling me on either side-and I had awesome unconditional fun – because I hope they liked me too πŸ™‚

SnS and I kept talking while she fed the kids, heated the food, set the table for us and while we had dinner-about ourselves, kids and husband ofcourse, work related stress, life in US, some common bloggers we know and why it becomes so tough to blog regularly πŸ™‚ By 9pm we were done with dinner and SnS was tired too-she had guests dropping by the previous evening as well and I could see that she just wanted to sleep. But still she dragged along because the kids wanted to come drop me – and me being selfish since I had no clue how to get back or even get an auto from their place-didnt give them a choice. The patient and smiling CH despite the time, and the still joshile kids with a tired SnS came to drop me back to my guest house.

And guess what? Im still not satisfied. Even now as I write this more than a month later-I feel we didnt spend enough time, we didnt finish all the topics we began to talk about and there were still so many topics left untouched! So, now, Im looking forward to SnS making that promised trip to Bangalore-yes! I would very willingly host the entire happy family πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Meeting Sugar and Spice

  1. I miss this the most living in UK , cant meet anyone 😦 and the few that we have here in uk are always busy busy … πŸ™‚

    next time i come ot india I am going to gate crash everyone’s house even those who dont want me to come he he he he he

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