The Hyderabad Trip

It was decided at work that I would have to travel to Hyderabad sometime during the first week of December for a couple of days. Having never travelled before on work from this Organisation, I decided to tag along with a friend who would also need to be there for a week. So we decided to travel on a sunday morning so we would get sometime to roam around the city, go to the ‘choodi bazaar’ and Shilparamam, buy some stuff…Our office was in Hi-Tech City and the guest house was about 6kms from the office. So, we thought we should be able to go out on Sunday afternoon.

Early on sunday morning,post the security and check-in, when we walked to the gate,it was completely crowded. Only then did we realise that all the flights were getting delayed by a couple of hours because of fog 😦 We were hungry and we decided to buy sandwiches which gobbled up in a giffy. Then we roamed around the shoppers stop area and while my friend was checking out the clothes I walked to their cosmetics section and began to browse with no intention of buying anything. My friend joined me in a few mins and coaxed me to buy a nail polish so I could apply it to work the next day in Hyderabad! We were so jobless that we bought that and sat waiting for the flight to be announced. In about 5 mins while I was busy painting my nails (Ah! Liberating-not to think of a little pair of naughty hands) my friend (Let me call her F) just looked around and saw that our flight was already announced on the board next to the gate and people had queued up too! There was no verbal announcement at all! Thankfully our flight was only about 45mins late and by the time we reached Hyderabad and the guest house it was 1pm.

The first impression of Hyderabad we had-HOT! Very very HOT! All plans of having lunch and heading out to Chudi Bazaar went right out the window. We slowly asked each other if we need to go-decided its too hot and we can do all the shopping in Shilparamam which we had seen on the way to the guest house and thought was close enough to go to in the evening. While I happily slept for an hour F read her book and relaxed. We lazily got ready and left the guest house by 4.30 to go to Shilparamam.

Shilparamam – What high expectations and what a disappointment 😦 The place when we reached there was milling with people and as we went to stand in the queue for tickets there was someone announcing pointing to a half hidden board that the place is closed for shopping-we could only go inside and not shop.I had gone there with the explicit intention and money to shop for gollu dolls and other such items dragging my friend along. So we decided to ditch the place and I called SnS to suggest some place close by and she suggested Inorbit mall. From Bangalore to Hyderabad and we had to end up in Inorbit mall.

At Inorbit we walked in to a sunday evening full of crowd and saw hypercity where we decided to buy Karachi Biscuits. We were told in office not to return without them!Β  Having bought that we walked around and F picked up 2 pairs of footwear in a buy 1 get 1 free offer. And then I finally bought bangles with Hyderabad pearls-2 pairs-one for the secret santa we were playing at work and one for myself…It was 6.30pm by then and while I called SnS to meet her (which is a post in itself) F went back to the guest house.

The next couple of days were a whirlwind of activity. It was the first time I was training and had to talk to an audience of about 75-80 people atleast at one go and I was damn nervous. On monday morning though, when I started the sessions there were very few people and by the time people began to walk in I had warmed up and the first session went pretty well. Only then did I get some confidence to go through the sessions for managers and senior managers the 2nd day! It is a personal achievement for me to have done 2 days of talking to an audience without once loosing my nerve…

On the way back-I reached the airport way early and spent the time buying Pulla reddy sweets and reading Ashok Banker’s ‘The Seeds of War’ in his MBA series. There was mixed feeling of freedom and loss of a tiny body questioning body next to me. I reached home at 11pm to snuggle up to that warm tiny body-who woke up, saw me and said “Ye!! Amma, Neenu bandeeya, baa, huggie sleep maaDana” *Amma, you came, come, lets huggie sleep*…


4 thoughts on “The Hyderabad Trip

  1. Oh dear, u were just early by a few days then 😦 Shilparamam is closed for shopping bcoz they are busy setting up for the all-India crafts fair, which is then a riot! Plan another trip soon so that u can do a lot of shopping and meet me too πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Happy weekend πŸ™‚

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