Friday Fun-Updates at 3

Now that the little monster has turned 3, his ability to surprise and shock has increased three fold. Over the past couple of months, here are a few updates that I’ve wanted to make a note of.

When we went on that Europe trip-he didnt realise that we were away and he was happy being with my parents. But this time around, when I went to Hyderabad in December for 2 days, there was a difference. I went on Sunday morning and on monday evening when I spoke to him, he was going back home in the car and he tells me”Amma, neenu car nalli illa, manege baa amma, nange bejaaru, nenu bega baa” *you are not in the car, you come home, Im feeling sad/bad/bored, you come fast*. I was surprised that he was able to express himself so clearly and so uninhibitedly-wish we could be so forthright!

And these days, when we tell him not to do something he says “Neenu nanna friend allava? Nange yaake beda antheeya” *You are not my friend? Why do you say no to me?* Or when we say we will go Appa/Amma and we should not leave him and go ๐Ÿ™‚

Another incident that happened while I was in Hyderabad-He has not used his pram in over a year now and we generally keep it in the guest bedroom on the 1st floor. The rule is he can only play when we are upstairs and he will not bring it down. We fear that he might fall and hurt himself if he tries to push it down the stairs or he will bang it to the walls and chip off the edges (which has already happened all around the house-the edges have chipped because of his tricycle/walker). And I threaten him (yes bad mommy=me) that if he brings it downstairs then I would give it away to the iron waala kid.
The sunday morning I left, he went upstairs and saw the pram and apparently threw such a big tantrum that hubby and my mom decided it best to bring it down. The 3 days I wasnt there-he has played around the house and HAS chipped off a bit of the edge of the walls. On Wednesday morning when I saw the pram was down-mom told me the story.So when the little monster got ready for office and came down-I asked him why is the pram down and who got it down. He says just 1 word “Appa”. Huh?!! And then I mock scolded his Appa telling him that doesnt he know that I would give it away if it was brought downstairs? What does the little fellow do: He comes, stands next to me in front of his Dad and scolds him “Appa, yenu neenu, idanna keLagade thandideeya-waapas mele idu, amma illandre kotbidthaare” *Appa, what are you doing? Why did you bring this down? Keep it back upstairs else amma will give it away!!* Both my Mom and Hubby were shell shocked and were looking at each other wondering how the clever fellow shifted the blame on his Dad!

We listen to the radio in the car for the 2-3hrs journey every day. Its obviously all new hindi songs. You can imagine that the little fellow has grasped quite a bit of these songs-he sings ‘Paani da rang vekh ke’, ‘IsQQQQ waala loooov’ (I keep teasing that he cant even say Love and he needs to sing this song) ‘O Balma’ (Rolling eyes) and ‘long drive pe chal’ from the latest Akshay kumar movie – we keep talking to him and teaching him stuff in the car too so we never realised that he pays so much attention to it until recently when the background music began to play and even before the song actually started he began to sing ‘Long drive pe chal!!’ Im amazed at his grasp of music and concentration-Sometimes he adds his own words or uses some catchy tune to say something to us-its hillarious. And I also enjoy him playing or building his lego singing something simultaneously-those are times I feel that he is happy with us and we are giving him a home where he can be himself and free and uninhibited…Im also thinking we need to channalise it somehow-I maybe need to wait for a couple more years and see if he still continues to like music-then…lets see…

Some evenings once his dinner is done and we are eating-I like listening to and watching mindless TV-so we tune into Zoom. He saw this song on the channel too.So now he knows that its picturised in a red open car. A few days back hubby and I were thinking we should go on a long drive somewhere. So the little fellow piques – “Amma, naavu hyderabad ge hogona-airplane nalli beda, ade akshay kumar hogthaanalla, open car,red car nalli, hange hogona” :-O *Amma, we will go to hyderabad,not in airplane, we will go like how akshay kumar goes,in an open car, red car”…Huh?!!

For all these words, he’s still sometimes a scaredy-cat. We grabbed an overnight trip to Mahabalipuram a month or so back just so we could take him to the beach-and what did he do? He hung on to my pants first and when I asked him to come along into the water-he let go of me and clung to his Dad’s shorts and kept screaming his head off from a mile away asking me also to get away from the water! He just did not want to come in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Such a disappointment. And he hates loud noise-so everytime we tell him we will go somewhere in Airplane or train-he screeches- Noooo!!! Car nalli hogona…

So, these days, the house runs on low noise and jaw dropping sequences atleast once a day from atleast one of us… He’s growing up and how!!


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