Schooling Woes

Schools-sigh! rather school hunting- *SIGH!*
Ever since the little fellow turned 2 people began to question if we would be sending him to montessory/play school and why not and offered opinions why we should. But I stuck it out saying that he travels nearly 3 hours with us and is happy at the day care and Im teaching him most stuff that they would teach in a play school. Added to it was all the practical difficulties of who would be at home when he comes home from play school and all that.

We have now begun school hunting. Basically, we have only 2 schools in mind – 1 which is close to my parents place and the other which is between our place and the in-laws place.

I never thought that sending a child to school needed so much thought and preparation – yeah preparation in terms of money! Its so expensive! Amounting to almost 70-80K minimum even for a “non-international” school. So can you imagine if someone decides on an international school for their kid?!! :-O And preparation in terms of what the schools are and what they have to offer.

Even as we figured out the options, each school has its own set of rules – rules of priority where only kids whose parents have returned from onsite assigments, sblings of kids studying in that school, parents being alumni of that school, teachers’ kids and then finally if there are any seats left (they pride themselves in having less number of seats so as to be able to give ‘individual attention’ to the child), then the other mere mortals like us stand a chance. Doesnt it sound like a job description?!! :-O And then there is the shortlisting of candidates, interview with the parents and the child and then a long harrowing wait until they even let us know if we are selected or not.

Then there is a question of deciding if you want your child to study ‘state syllabus’ or ‘CBSE’ or ‘ICSE’. This totally confuses me. Im not sure if Im a great mom because I truly dont know my child’s calibre in learning/comprehension and memory! As a smitten mom I can tell that he learns everything quick and fast and keeps them in memory, but once in school its a totally different ball game! How do I know how he’s going to fare?! What if its too overwhelming for the child to be in a new environment with new people that he refuses to learn anything? What if he/she is a shy child who clams up when questioned even though they understand everything? What if he doesnt want to play? What if he doesnt like the co-curricular activities? I have so many starting hiccups and doubts and the school  asks us to decide on his 10th std board exams?!! 15yrs later? :-O I dont know what’s going to happen 15 days later – how can I guage my child now for an exam he needs to take 15 years later?!! :-O

Its a very scary thought for me. And do I have a choice of moving him out of a school or syllabus if he doesnt like it/cant cope with it? Or would I be a mom-in-denial? I know, I might be thinking too much ahead – but thats what the school expects us parents to do – Hell! He just turned 3 yrs old- and Im still thinking Montessory or Nursery (Apparently there is a difference) would be better for him and you want me to decide for the board exams?!

With all these schooling concerns, there are other practicalities to think of-What incase of emergency? What after school? What other activities? My parents silently mock me that they never thought so much about our schooling and we turned out just fine.

Any ideas and hints which might help us in his school decision?


14 thoughts on “Schooling Woes

  1. Errr…errr…if you want advice..ehre is what RD did for R

    Got her admitted to the First school she cleared…I had taken forms for like 10 schools..he refused to be a part of any other!

    So thats what we did!

  2. hmm we are gonna move into HSR too and we payed the 1st school that gave us admission, lets connect offline too. we will be moving into HSR, am a working mom too and there is a pretty good daycare in that area, we gonna send our 3 yr old there…

    I agree and also understood what school r u referring to where we stand last in the category 🙂

  3. I am a novice in this, but either be cbse or any other standard for that matter, what I see will be the knowledge gaining and the character standard of the kids and their mentality, being a kid, they will cope up and the advance technology will make them to grab things easily, so no worries at the long end how will they react for the board exams.The school will make them to grow the mentality regarding every aspect of the life, so no worries about it.

    Enroll them in extra curricular activity too, the baby will do well, no worries for it 🙂

  4. Sorry no experience in this area… All I know is during my school times my parents chose the best school in our small town n put me there…I am so glad I turned out pretty well 😀 Wow life was so so easier then…All the best dear.. N plz dont freak out.. its going to be alright.. 🙂

  5. That is indeed a big problem. I think going for the first school solves it 🙂 I am a stickler for CBSE so that cut down my options a lot and hence it was relatively easier…

  6. wowww LLT.. even I have drafted my post around this topic today.. what a coincidence.. am totally confused too.. pls let me know if you get more details about the syllabuses..

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  9. Sarah

    Hi. My daughter is 2.5 yrs old now and it’s the same story with us except that we’re very clear on which syllabus we are going to put her into. I was an ICSE student and that’s what I am planning for her. The dilemma with us is to choose a school near to our residence or the one we really liked but will def. take a lot of time in travelling. So for the first year, we’re zeroing in on the near one. That way she’ll get into the school habit with less hassle and then try to change it to the other far one.

  10. This is a scary issue that I am about to step into very soon. Thank you LLT for starting this topic for I am going to be following you and your readers reactions closely for tips. I am absolutely clueless at this point.
    Please don’t take too much stress and am sure Chutku will be just fine.

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