2012-The Year That was…

I didnt want to put up a Blast from the Past as I start the New Year, but I also wanted a recap of all the things that did happen in 2012 and get it done with.

So, 2012 as a whole wasnt a Happy Year for me.Some things that happened early on in January and some things got carried forward from the previous year and came to light only as 2012 started-all led to me being unhappy and stressed.And it kind of kept hammering at me all the time, pecking at the back of my head. I did think of councelling and stuff but nothing seemed to materialise and I was so dejected to even put an effort into things. I ran away with friends for a couple of days hoping to cope better which actually didnt resolve anything. By the end of the year, I hope I’ve come to terms with some of it and I think I wont get depressed as badly atleast, if things surface again. Which is why Im determined to focus on being happy like I mentioned in the previous post.

Now that the sad part is over – this year did have quite a few very Happy Pockets 🙂

Europe trip being the biggest. I had given up on this trip and was ready to cancel when Mom adviced me to not be a fool and just go ‘Do It’ because she knew how much I have dreamed about the trip. She also thought (partially right) that it would help me mentally and emotionally. And Boy! What a dream come true it was 🙂 I can live so many more years in that memory and now want to take Chutku too sometime…

A Recluse and uncertain blogger, I  began to comment more on posts (Huge thanks to RM) and the best part was meeting so many blogger friends- that too at my home! It was a huge personal happiness for me-that didnt have anything to do with me being a wife/mother/daughter/DIL – know what I mean? I met people who know me for ‘me’.

An opportunity in the form of cousin’s wedding pushed me to get a bit creative-and I realised suddenly how much I was missing getting my hands dirty with paints and glue. Enjoyed the occasion to the hilt.

And December has truely been Awesome – Work related trip to Hyderabad – not only helped me overcome my stage fright and talk in front of a 75+ crowd, it also added a nice ring to my resume’ at work. Personally too – I realised I could leave the kiddo at home and not worry as long as my parents are around 🙂 and best of all – meeting SnS 🙂 (Yeah, that would be a post of its own).

So, as the year 2012 passed-it got better. And I hope 2013 would rock!



7 thoughts on “2012-The Year That was…

  1. 2013 will rock from the beginning to end.. you have already taken a very nice initiative among the bloggers and we love you (esp. on days when we get a good topic to blog about 😉 ) for that 🙂
    happy happy 2013 to you and your family..

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