2013-New Year Eve Party

Its already been 4 days into the new year but Im still not done with the New Year stuff. Ofcourse, I need to log here the details of this year’s party like how I’ve been doing for the past couple of years.So, this time it was at a cousin’s house and the meeting time was 7.30. I went to work on 31st while hubby and Chutku stayed at home so they could eat and sleep and be ready for the evening/late night party. Its another matter that they didnt do any such thing rather Chutku ensured that he didnt sleep and didnt let the Dad sleep either.

So at about 3pm we decided to meet at a mall mid way from home and office so Hubby could do some shopping. Both Chutku and I were unwell for the last week with throat ache and fever-general virus the Doc said and so we finished a quick shopping and reached home by 4pm again thinking of a quick nap before we start at 7.30 pm from home for the party. We had decided to feed him an early dinner and give him the medicine so I wouldnt have to run behind him and fuss at the venue. By 7.10pm his dinner and medicine was done and we began waiting for my Parents-in-law who live about 5kms away. There was such heavy traffic that it took them 45mins to travel 5kms! and they reached only by 7.45. We started immediately and picking up Hubby’s uncle and aunt decided to pick up a cake on the way. OMG! Looks like everyone and their aunt had the same idea-there were mile long Queues at all good Cake Shops! So we just ditched the idea and reached the venue by 8.20pm. Thankfully since everyone else had also just arrived.

After yummy starters of Baby corn and paneer manchurian, egg masala and chips and cold drinks we started our games. Little N (remember my niece who came with us on our europe trip?) had a set of pretty confusing questions and we got it all wrong πŸ˜› Overconfidence – My Co-sis and I… Thanks to technology today-we could video chat with another cousin couple in the USofA who even participated with us πŸ™‚ (Ofcourse they could only see us eating hehehe) Then we had a couple of rounds of Antakshari dedicated to Rajesh Khanna – thanks to P Chikkappa and another quiz round by the youngest BIL and my MIL – which again our team lost. It was then time for me to host Antakshari (I had taken over from my MIL this year) where I had selected pictures and prelude music from all Yash Chopra movies, saved them on a pen drive and displayed on the TV πŸ™‚ Quite a bit of confusion ensued but fun was had by all… And I couldnt sing a single song since I could hardly talk 😦 Next year, Im going to ensure I stay fit!

Then there was demand for Kannada antakshari by the elders-so we all sang Dr. Rajkumar songs and his children’s songs and Vishnuvardhan songs by which time it was 11.45pm. We didnt have any cakes to cut this year (reason: read above) and so we decided to welcome the new year dancing πŸ˜€ We danced – all of us – elders, youngsters everyone-Chutku even – as soon as he heard Dhinka Chika he sprang up left his bottle of milk and ran to his Dad :-D. We danced like crazy screamed and shouted and welcomed the new year with a fun family. Went around in a circle wishing everyone and then danced until 12.30 again. We then had a few couple dances-thinking we all would dance to a ‘romantic number’ I chose Jab Koi Baath but then everyone else ditched us-we were asked to dance alone! So we carried Chutku and danced for sometime-and we are such pathetic partners-we can never read each others moves! We kept stepping on each other, bumping and squeezing Chuktu in between πŸ˜€ The others too danced to Baahon Ke Darimyaan, Husn Hai Suhaana (Govinda song-remember) – RnD danced awesome. Among the older crowd my in-laws were the only sportive ones to dance to Binkada Singaari-a kannada song and my FIL danced so well that there were wolf-whistles for him πŸ˜€

By 12.45 we were done dancing and then started dinner-rice,chappatis, yummy sabjis, jalebi, haalubai (a karnataka sweet) and curd rice. Quickly finished eating and started from there at 1.30. Dropped off 2 sets of hubby’s cousins and reached home by 2. Lovely evening again…

And ofcourse-I have to add so I dont forget. My little monster was a darling. He just walkedΒ Β around, ate a bit from our plates, a few pieces of cucumber played with his little cousin’s walker and generally observed everything and everyone with a finger in his mouth. A couple of times I called him to ask if he wants to sleep but he was not interested. He just rolled around on the carpet on the floor with the diwan pillow and kept himself occupied. Danced when he felt like, observed when he felt like. A total no-fuss baby. Boy! Im glad I decided to feed him his dinner at home before we started. And then as the party wound-up and we sat in the car to go home, he cuddled up on my lap and was off to sleep in a couple of minutes. No tantrums, no tears.He seemed to have enjoyed himself too…


9 thoughts on “2013-New Year Eve Party

  1. A lovely way to welcome the new year with the family..wow dancing haan.. same pinch coz even we too welcomed the new year with some moves.. yeah I cudnt do the romantic dance with hubby in public so it was all jakta’s and matka’s …

    See chutku has been a darling n see he would be the same the entire year too πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Now this sounds like a fun party. This year, we just stayed home. Drank, ate some special food, cut a cake, watched some TV and crashed. It was good for a change πŸ™‚

  3. KB

    Finally I get to hear/ read the New Year Eve celebrations!! Sounds like total fun.. I imagined everyone of you while reading this πŸ™‚

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