Friday Fun-the birthday updates…

And so the little monster turned an year older on 22nd Dec. All of 3 wise years. What changed? Nothing and everything – everything in terms of monstrocity! More tantrums, more stubborn-ness, more anger, more nautanki, more gooda-gardi. And the ‘aww’ Mom that I am – I should add more vocabulary, more clarity of thoughts, more expressions and more naughtiness.


So when the discussion of his 3rd birthday party came up (which generally starts 2 months-right after my birthday infact) we-the negligent parents that we are, refused to throw a party at home. But this being his last year in the day-care at work (Im sincerely keeping my fingers crossed on this one) and the ladies here take/ have taken good care of him and he
has what we can call as ‘friends’ here- we thought it would be apt to have a cake cutting ceremony here at work on monday -ie; 24th Dec.

Now that took care of the party-but what about his real birthdate? It was decided we take him to cubbon park to enjoy the toy-train and aquarium. Early Sat morning – 11am we went to an almost empty Cubbon Park, took him on a toy train ride and then played for an hour on the swings and slides there and then peeped into an unimpressive aquarium. And since I so badly wanted him to see the Cake Exhibition (I have wonderful memories of it as a child) we went there-again, the place and the display was quite disappointing-not at all how it was when I saw it last (Admittedly some 17yrs ago). Instead of keeping cakes in the large area they had a consumer fair and a huge yellow eye-catching truck/car very strategically placed at the little monster’s eye-level. Sigh! And the tantrum he threw, with my mother-in-law with us, had no choice but to shell out the money for a car that goes ‘TTTTRRRRRRRRRR’ in the house.Please sympathise with us.Came home, had lunch and post a short siesta session, went on the2 wheeler to the temple and to pick up some sundry stuff.  End of day.

Monday- on the day of the ‘party’ at work, I realised after we dropped him in the daycare that I had forgotten to pick up the cover full of return gifts (books) that I had ordered from flipkart and very meticulously packed them on saturday night. Thankfully there was very minimal traffic that morning and so hubby was kind enough to drive me back home so we could pick it up. The cake cutting was scheduled at 4pm so all the kids’ mommies could also attend and then my mom called me at 3pm to say that she and Dad would be coming to the party!

Yaaay! But but but, it cant all be still smooth can it? A week before his birthday I just casually asked him if he wanted a car,truck or fire engine for his birthday and he, after a bit of thought said red car- so we had ordered a red car for him-which unfortunately ended up being a yellow car 😦 by delivery.

While Hubby and Chutku went to get my parents (signing the guest registry and all) I opened the box and kept the knife ready and everyone was gaurding the cake like hawks lest some kid puts his/her hand in it. In comes the Hero, takes one look at the cake, says “Idenu” *Whats
this* and *Chappak* puts his full palm on the cake. Total eye-popping moment. Then goes -“Ammmaaaaa….yucky….” because the entire top yellow gel part of the car is sticking to his palm. Duh! While everyone burst out laughing, I hastily wiped his hands and while he refused to hold the knife, I held his hand and the knife and cut the cake – which actually took less than a minute! There… Done…and he refused to even take a bite of that cake…

But I need to admit that he had a lot of fun. He was so excited to see my parents and everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to him, that he kept running around the Day care in circles, introducing my monther to all the daycare ladies and showing her all the kids. I was quite relaxed too, as I knew he was safe there. So all in all a good decision to cut the cake there. He then hardly came to me-so I ended up giving the return gifts to the kids.

Now that’s one thing checked off the list. We did his 3rd birthday party too – and I have this post and some pictures for proof. Now lets see how the year goes- Stubborn 3s?


8 thoughts on “Friday Fun-the birthday updates…

  1. I messaged you the other day..sorry for missing out on his birthday

    Sounds to be a wonderfully confused birthday eh?

    Last year in daycare why? they dont take kids beyond 3???

    That yellow cake looks pretty yumm honestly 🙂

    big hugs to my big boy 🙂

    1. Arey! Yeah! I did get your message and I thought I will call you later-but that later somehow never happened 😦 So sorry 😦
      Last year in daycare- want to put him in a school closer home so he doesnt have to travel to the office daycare with us post school everyday…

  2. Hey the yellow cake looks lovely too.. And wihtout all the confusion/cake-attack how would it become memorable?? I really missed this as I was on leave on that day.. Good to know he had a great time…

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