Looking Forward to the New Year

Im done with Wishing everyone Happy New Year and am still in an upbeat mood.I generally wear new clothes every day for the 1st week which kind of keeps me going and something to look forward to instead of it being ‘just’ another day…

Here’s what I want to look forward to this year:

Being Happy – Im telling myself to let bygones be bygones – even with those hurts caused by loved ones and hoping that it bring me a little bit of peace. There is no ‘way-out’ of certain situations – so Im going to learn to live with them and try to be Happy and not get stressed.I will try to find my joy in small things that I enjoy…

Think about my own health – Something I have to do. Havent done anything about getting checkups and annual visits – the last was post delivery and I know I’ve been very lax in this department. It kind of scares me to visit the doc and dread what he/she might tell me.I need to get that blood test done,get my BP checked and most of all – darn it! Get a cap for that broken molar which is in the same state since Feb last year 😦 Sigh! Not something to look forward to I know-but its high time that I realise Im growing old…

Exercise – Yeah yeah, I know this is going to be on the ‘To-Do’ list of most people. I wrote last year too that I need to do something about improving my stamina and immunity but didnt do anything about it at all. And it has lead me to be sick everytime Chutku catches a virus and passes it on to me and my skin reacts badly to stress and from last year to now-I have very easily put on about 4kgs weight over my midriff that has lead to embarassing questions a couple of times. So, I either need to diet or exercise or do yoga something that would put me on the right track again.

Eat/Pray/Love – To stay healthy – To Eat the right foods, pray to keep mental peace and try to love unconditionally so I try and be happy. ‘Love Unconditionally’ doesnt come easy to me…

Finally, Get Creative – I want to paint this year. Its been so many years that I painted that when I recently went to buy some paints, I went berserk-not only was it like a child in a toy shop but there are so many new products on the racks now that I was lost on what to buy… I have plenty of ideas that I want to implement-so keeping fingers crossed that it will all happen. The kind of joy and peace it gives me at the end of it-nothing else does. I want to blog more, read more and do some activity other than typing work related mails!

So, what are all your plans for the New Year?


15 thoughts on “Looking Forward to the New Year

  1. Such a coincidence this post is, RS. Only this morning, was I telling the CH that if I am happy, half of the things would fall in place. And now, your post reiterates this! πŸ™‚ So, here’s to all the happy times going to come our way! πŸ˜€

  2. Hope you adhere to the list and get going on the goals πŸ™‚ A very happy new year. Can we some of your paintings here too? please… pretty please…

  3. all the best dear.. just one advice, get the tooth checked, this cap thing can do many effects if its not done ear;y.. i am already going through.. do share ur paintings.. me too trying to get back to sketching.. :)..

  4. Good list..all the best for each one of them.
    For me I did not make any resolution as I have not been able to keep them in previous years.. so this year no lists just one wish and prayer that may god make me a better human being…

    Let god do the work he he get I am lazy it seems πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck with your lists, and getting on with painting, whatever makes you happy! I have started with the blogging marathon, so far kept up to it (only 3 days :P) and for the exercise bit, exercising my mind:))

  6. that is a perfect list.. πŸ™‚ I wish to keep self happy, not to yell/scream, handle situations in a more calmer way and stay cool.. there are big decisions to be made in 2013.. hope all fall in place atleast 50% πŸ˜€

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