Happy DeepavaLi!

Hello Lovely Ladies! How have you all been? I know its been such a long time since I’ve been here but things are really busy at the moment –  a cousin’s wedding coming up, DeepavaLi, some on going confusion about Chutku’s school and ofcourse the never ending work. And in the few minutes that I get before going to bed – I read – I finished Ramesh Menon’s Mahabharatha – both volumes and I must say – “Must Buy” thoroughly enjoyed reading those books. And ofcourse I read ‘The Krishna Key’ and put up my review…currently reading a David Baldacci that the husband’s been hooked too, I just wanted to see what it was that he was so hooked to the David Baldacci books these days… Ofcourse I’ve been reading all your posts but like I said earlier with the restrictions on office network – am not able to comment – yes, despite the husband having presented me with a Samsung SIII I find that my comments are not getting posted all the time – still some figuring out required…

Now that I’ve given you all an update on the regular stuff happening in my life lets get to the purpose of this post.

Happy DeepavaLi all of you! To Each one of you-May there be happiness and joy, Health in abundance and Success in every good thing you venture…

Yesterday we had a Phataka Party at home and so here are some pics:


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