Friday Fun-Chutku Speaks and we are speechless

Some of the latest updates from Chutku land…

On a sunday morning while Im making dosas for brkfast for everyone and hubby is feeding Chutku – I came out to watch some song on TV on the Rangoli program – and the little man says”Amma, neenu hogu voLagaDe” (You go inside) I asked him where inside I should go and why. His answer “Neenu aDigemanege hogu, nange bisi bisi dose maaDbekalla” (You go inside the kitchen, you should make hot hot dosas for me)!! Sigh! Im already being delegated to the kitchen.

Some night last week, my calf muscles were hurting really bad, no idea why but for the first time in our married life, I asked the hubby to press my legs. While he sat up to do it, the little fellow who until then was sleeping between us-pops up and holds onto his legs crying “Nanguuu kaalu novuthidde” (My legs are paaainnnniinnngggg) and didnt let the husband press my leg even a single time. Instead we both ended up pressing his legs and I just went to sleep like that. And it didnt end there-he woke up 2 times that night whining that his legs were paining and he insisted that his Dad press his legs to put him back to sleep. Talk about attention seeking behaviour!

Ever since we got that email about his school interview, we had been discussing at home-with parents and inlaws and just between hubby and me about having to take the day off and then what they might ask him and what they might ask us.Never did we tell him the date of the interview but we did tell him that we will go see his new school and teachers. On the previous day, he has inturn told everyone in the daycare-the care takers,the owner,the kids and their parents that he will be going for school interview tomorrow and that he wouldnt be coming to daycare! When I went to check on him during the lunch break-they all just started bombarding me with questions and I had no clue what this fellow had told them all!!! Lesson learnt-NOT to discuss anything in front of him!

He wants to be out of the house-ALL THE TIME! When we pick him up after work he says “Amma, angadi hogoNa” (lets go to shop) or he apparently told his
grandparents when they took him out to someone’s house and were returning “Mane beda,yelladru hogoNa,yaavudaadru oLLe hotel ge hogi,yenaadru thinkonDu hogoNa” (no home, let us go somewhere,to some good hotel, eat something and go) – like the little fellow eats anything outside. Hhhmmppphhh. When we did go out last weekend to a place called ‘The Village’ where the wholeΒ ambianceΒ was like a village and there were loud drums, he decided to keep his ears closed with his hands and refused to get down from his Dad’s arms. Saturday,sunday are tough days for us. He hates staying at home and has to go out- he begins in the morning as soon as he wakes up – Amma, naavu yelli hogtheevi ivatthu” (where will we go today?) . Last weekend we took him out to a shop and once done we were discussing about going home-I was telling hubby that we need some groceries and hubby was saying that we will go home now and go out again in the evening so immediately the little fello pips up “Mane beda appa, angadige hogona,manege tarkaari thogobekallava” (No home,lets go to shop,we need to take vegetables for the house”. Mom has therefore named him Thirgaal thippa. Someone who is always roaming around like he has wheels in his legs.

Yesterday night, hubby had to work from home and was waiting for the little fellow to sleep. Mom was feeding Chutku dinner in the living room while hubby and I were at the dining table eating dinner.So I told hubby “You finish dinner and go, I will take chutku up to sleep” – in english and instantly the little monster is at my side screaming at me “Naanu mele baralla, naanu thaachi maadalla” (I will not come up, I will not sleep) And we were just dumbstruck – he had an ear on what we

were talking, understood the complete english sentence I told the hubby and responded perfectly with what was on his mind! My baby is no longer a baby!!

And then the tantrums! Oh My God! He throws the mother of all tantrums. I thought by the time 2s get over the tantrums would reduce but looks like its going to last in greater intensity through the terrible 3s as well and the very thought scares me. He throws meaningless tantrums-he doesnt want to get his potty cleaned, dont throw the dirty diaper out, I dont want to wear clothes after bath,dont want to have bath, dont want cream after bath, I dont want to *whatever we ask him to do*. And he doesnt even listen to any smooth words said in a soft voice, we have to shout so he hears and then nothing we say would make sense until we begin to scare him saying if he continues to scream and shout like this his throat will pain and we will have to take him to doctor.Unfortunately, now im afraid when we really need to go to the doctor what the reaction would be. Or we need to scare him that ‘pee-tak-tak’ (Gurkha) will come and take away all children who throw tantrums – these are the only things that work with him to stop crying and screaming at the top of his voice. Right now he has caught a bad cold and sadly its not reducing due to these tantrums.

Yesterday hubby said he wont be coming home with us and i had to take the little fellow home alone. So i kind of prepared him when we started from the daycare that we dont have car and we would be going by volvo bus or auto. But as we walked out of the office gate a collegue drove by, saw us and stopped to ask if he could drop us home. While i was thankful to him and put the bags in the back seat all ready to get in, the little monster decided the car was not fit for him and threw a tantrum in the middle of the road! The friend pulled over to a side, tried talking to chutku and make friends with him but though the little fellow saidhis name he refused to get into the car and insisted that we go home by auto only. Finally i had to request my collegue to carry on and leave us to our own fate,shell out 300rs and take him by auto. I didnt want to force chutku into getting into the car and drive us crazy with his screaming all through the journey home and i was lost on how to discipline him. 😦

Does anybody know where they sell some patience and the braincells to handle a 3 year old?


18 thoughts on “Friday Fun-Chutku Speaks and we are speechless

  1. Tight hugs LLT
    I can so imagine your plight for I can see Pari following suit of all you just described. As far patience and working brain cells I too need to know who has got the franchise πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    Love to Chutku πŸ™‚

  2. yeah that’s true.. when the kids start speaking parents go speechless.. this post rekindles my memories when Adi was 2 yrs.. the way we changed addressing milk in different language so that she doesn’t understand and all those abbreviations.. eventually one day the abbreviations reached the girl sooner than the father πŸ™‚

    how do you handle him when he throws tantrum? do you shout at him? sometimes kids pick up things that we do unknowingly.. so may be watch out and try to change the environment and the way you handle him. I know its easier said than done.. I am still having a tough time with loud voice.. whenever Adi screams out of her voice and I ask her not to scream, M intervenes and says she got this habit from me as my voice is naturally loud.. Now, for the past few years I am trying very hard to talk softly especially to her and I am able to see some change..

    The same worked for brushing in the night too.. Until I was asking her to brush every night she used to make a big fuss and it will be like a 30 minutes task to just make her enter bathroom.. One day, I just started brushing myself in front of her and continued to do the same for next few weeks without telling her anything.. Slowly, she started joining me and now after practising the same for few months the brushing issue is resolved.. she just brushes by herself without any fuss. Instead of trying to correct the kid by word of mouth, changing the environment and behavior around him might help in long term.. All this might be too early for Chutku as he is very young but if you start practicing this from now he might get better in couple of years.. Just my two cents.. sorry for the long comment..

      1. Really great advice, Ani. ‘Cos I too have a very loud voice and I also know the kids take after me while throwing tantrums. But, the problem is I try to control myself but mostly in vain! 😦

        Hugs, RS. I really really understand your plight. And, I am hoping we get to see a changed behaviour as days go by. Hope! πŸ™‚

    1. i just try this with bunty Ani, but the prob is neighbors and in-laws.. just cant ask them to be low for my sake na.. bunty has learnt this art of crying and getting things done or screaming aloud for no reason.. only on weekend i found out the my neighbors kid shouts for no reason and bunty imitates her.. both together go on screaming.. πŸ™‚

  3. Mom has therefore named him Thirgaal thippa. Someone who is always roaming around like he has wheels in his legs.
    LOL! πŸ˜€ Too cute!!

    he had an ear on what we were talking, understood the complete english sentence I told the hubby and responded perfectly with what was on his mind!
    Oh yaaa I remember my parents had to switch to talking in Hindi to escape my ears…. πŸ˜† That was when I was 4 or so! πŸ˜€

  4. yes yes yes its v true that u need to be v careful while chutku is around. LOL on seeking attention n not wanting to go home but wanting to go roam n shop.. πŸ™‚

    Hugs n lots of hugs for bearing all his tantrums πŸ™‚ But really getting down from a colleagues car in the middle of the road.. OMG I can imagine how he might hv screamed.. 😦

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