Blogger Book Review-The Krishna Key

Well, I had requested Blog Adda for this book and then didnt check my mail for quite a long time. But then Harish of Blog Adda dropped me a second mail asking me if I wanted to review it and I grabbed the opportunity. And by the time I came home last Friday-the book was at my doorstep! πŸ˜€

Having read The Rozabel Line and Chanakya’s Chant, I was expecting the book to be as good. Especially I had enjoyed reading Chanakya’s Chant and recommended it to all. So I just ripped the book cover and began reading immediately.

The amount of research that has gone into this book is amazing! And to sell the fact th

at Krishna was not a mythological character but a reality and part of history and the linking of Brahmastras to today’s weapons-those thoughts can only come from a very fertile mind and imagination!

I liked the current story line but somehow couldnt relate to the Krishna story running in parallel. I mean-ofcourse that is Krishna’s story but how were those specific snippets in those exact places related to the modern story-I couldnt understand-maybe I just need another read? Im not even sure if they *need* to be related.Like in Chanakya’s Chant – the 2 stories always ran in parallel-but here I couldnt get the connection. (Yes, I am comparing because they are both from the same author with history interwoven with the story).

The story couldve been more (pardon my lack of English language) Crisp or more gripping. I found that I really didnt feel the need to read it at one go. And I also felt in couple of places there were editing issues-

Page 301-after the Krishna’s snippet about Arjuna being overwhelmed by the Kaurava army- the first paragraph talks about Radhika and Saini’s rescue by the Sherpa Dorji.And then immediately the next paragraph instead of Radhika – there is mention of Priya and Saini together –Priya had then been lowered from the base of the mountain from where she had been carried by Sherpas and Saini to a small helicopter”. – Isnt this an editting error? I got confused for a minute,went backward, reread the piece where Priya and Taarak escape and then concluded that it must’ve been Radhika that was saved…

Page 389-Β Saini and Radhika are discussing about the Radha Govinda temple by Raja Man Sigh in Vrindavan when Taarak comes. The sentence is “Priya and Radhika put their hands up in the air and slowly turned around from the table to face Taarak Vakil” – That should’ve been Saini actually instead of Priya-here again, I went back to check if I skipped some sentence mentioning Priya in the conversation…

Such small mistakes kind of let me down from the expectation I had on an Ashwin Sanghi book 😦

Finally-Is it a good read – Definitely a good read-especially the scientific explanations and the knowledge on history.

Rating-3/5 – because of the above mentioned reasons.


7 thoughts on “Blogger Book Review-The Krishna Key

  1. it was a nice researched book, i liked it.. i also didnt find the connection between the parallels, in fact left one in mid and read rest of the novel.. good book for one time read..

  2. I remember reading about these errors on someone else’s blog as well… Uma’s I think.

    I am finally reading a ok-ok review about this book….welcome change after all the rave reviews! πŸ˜€

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