Friday Fun-Chutku’s first school interview

I cant believe that its been 2.5yrs since the little monster was just this little mite and today Im writing about his first school interview!

There was an online announcement for applications to this school close to my parents’ house where most of hubby’s cousins have studied and now this generation too is studying. Though it is quite far for us right now, we have been thinking that maybe we can change houses and move closer to my parents and the area that Im really familiar with. Atleast the kid would not have to travel too much like how he does now for 3 hrs every day…Anyway, I took the day off and submitted the online application form about a month ago and we were waiting for the short list to be announced.Many told us that the number of applications are many so we might wantto think about using some influence while the hubby and I werent really keen on it. On thursday last week, we got a mail saying that we have been selected for the “Interview” today, with the both the parents and the child. Yipppee! First step crossed, we thought.

We took the day off again, started telling Chutku that we will go to school and that there will be miss there, and he should tell them “Thank You” if they give him anything, or he should tell his name when asked… The grandparents too pitched in with questions and somewhere in the process one of us has mentioned to him that if they give him Chocolate – he should say “Thank You”…
Like always, nothing works smooth for us-He fell ill-with cold,cough,lot of phlegm and ofcourse fever. Then yesterday evening, on the way home I noticed that his sandals had opened up in the front. Whew! So we had to go buy him new sandals in the morning on the way to the school and I was getting nervous that we might not reach there on time! Thankfully, we managed to keep our cool and more importantly his and we reached the place on time…So many kids there, all of them sitting quietly with their parents. But ours – Oh No!! That just cant be-right? He began to pull and push all the chairs around making a lot of noise with the parents giving us stares that said: “Oh My God! Look at this kid-so misbehaved!”We then went in to wait, and he happily wandered all the classes and identifying pictures, staring at kids until we were called inside. By this time I was just blank!

There were 2 ladies sitting inside-one was the principal and the other was the director of the school (Who refused to smile even at the child). They asked his name and he very shyly without opening his mouth said his name, which ofcourse they couldnt hear. And then he scrutinises the ladies and very loudly asks:”Miss yelli?” *yelli=where* and I told him that the 2 ladies were “Miss”. Then he proceeded to very nicely sit on the chair between hubby and me and very nicely crossed his legs on the chair! which he hardly does otherwise 😦 And then we told him to sit properly which he disliked and while they asked us a few questions (and I feel my answers werent convincing enough 😦 ) he just got out of the chair and began
wandering around the room, trying to peep out the window and stood next to the older lady-gave her his widest stupid grin while the hubby and I were asking him to come back and sit in his chair.

Done, 2 mins were up and they said they will let us know and as we were getting up to go the little fellow’s voice is up-“Chocolate yelli?” and he starts to stand on his toes and search for the chocolate dabba!! The husband and I were mortified – I did not even look up and the head mistress gave him a couple of biscuits saying we dont give chocolates. And the little monster decided he did NOT Want the biscuits-he wanted ONLY Chocolate!(The teachers must have thought that he eats a lot of them 😦 – Another minus point for the parents?) He refused to accept and didnt budge from there until I told him that I will get him a chocolate outside :-O Only then he began to move towards the door all the while telling me “Amma chocolate kodlilla miss…” *Miss did not give chocolate” Gah! This boy is born to embarass me!!Β  And I overheard the headmistress telling the director lady “He looks so disappointed” *Eeessshh*

NOW you all tell me where shall I go hide my face!!


17 thoughts on “Friday Fun-Chutku’s first school interview

  1. Aww! He is so cute! Kids know exactly what to do to embarrass us πŸ™‚ But this whole interview process, is so unfair on the little ones, no? But most schools do seem to have this process, don’t they?
    And poor Chutku, all his expectations of getting chocolate went down the drain, no? Hugs to the little darling!

  2. Hahah I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve embarrassed my parents in some similar fashion when I was their age! πŸ˜† I m sure it will all come back to me some day πŸ˜›

  3. Hey hey, why should you go and hide your face… and as far as I know the school is not looking for zombies but real kids who explore, look around and see what is lying where… so chill πŸ™‚

  4. yes RS.. kids find their own to embarrass us.. i think the school should be happy to find an active kid. but why did the school give the little one chocolate.. bad teacher, choki kotiilla..

  5. kids embarrassing parents is so so common.. no worries RS.. loads and loads of wishes to you guys to get the admission.. Chutku will make it.. teachers should understand (if they are sensible) that its quite normal for a kid to behave this way. hugs to you.. so did you get him a choci?

  6. RS, Kids are kids, there isn’t anything to feel embarrassed after all what can you expect from a 2.5 year old. I think Chutku did great. Now let’s hope you get that positive news, it is definitely not good for the parents to go to multiple interviews πŸ™‚
    And sometimes its best to let them be them self than preparing πŸ™‚

  7. I second Little fingers here no need to get embarrassed or hide ur face dear.. Kids are kids who else do u expect to speak out of their mind these days..

    I loved the entire episode as I heard from you and I retold the entire episode to Appi n we both had a hearty laugh.. In case if you see the serial “Bade ache lagthe ho” in sony u can relate how pihu spoke in her school interview.. LOL on the little fellaw.. πŸ™‚ Hugs to him…

    Enjoy these moments now and dont complain when he becomes matured enuf n stops all this naughtiness *Warning* he he eh

  8. awww..that was adorable πŸ˜€ They have a way of making us want to hide from the world don’t they? Everytime Buzz does something like that I tell myself, ‘calm down, you have done worse to your parents’. It helps, sometimes πŸ˜›

  9. I know am a little too late here and I have read Bride’s post on her son’s interview a couple of days back so kindy interview monster is actually sitting on my mind.

    To be very honest, I think we shouldn’t feel embarrassed by what kids as young as Chutku say spontaneously for preparation seldom works with them. So calm down on that front LLT. I know it is easier said than done.

    I think the teacher should have given out candies (if not chocolates) to kids, I vividly remember being given two lollipops when I was Chutku’s age.

    P.S. – Same pinch on being a good girl when I was young and the height of mischief Pari does makes me blame her father too (though under my breath πŸ˜‰ )

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