Europe-The Souvenirs

Please bear with me while I put up this last post – a picture of the Souvenirs and the Magnets we got from there-I hope I dont loose any of them!


11 thoughts on “Europe-The Souvenirs

  1. One practical question for the mother of a four year old brat – How does that STAY on the fridge without tearing or breaking?? *Wonders*

    Err…of course loved all of them 🙂 though the soda bottle specs refused to tell me details of the same

  2. Hey RS, I am back from my hibernating period and promise to read all your Europe posts. Its one of my dream vacation and will definitely refer to your posts when I plan my trip. 🙂 the pictures say that you had a very time.

  3. Such lovely souvenirs! I loved those cute red shoes the most! And I second RM, how do they stay? My monkey gets a chair to climb on to get to all my magnets – half of them are in pieces and have reached the dustbin already 😦

  4. SavvySpeaks

    Nice Collection 🙂 Couldn’t spot the Cuckoo clock…have I missed it?
    The Van Gogh painting looks beautiful…want to take a closer look. Get it some time when you are coming this side…we’ll get it framed in half an hour 🙂

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