Day 13-Day 14 – Rome-Dubai and Home to Chutkuuuuu

[The last of the travelogue post here. And I really need to be thankful to all of you to have shared this excitement with me and put up with these travelogue posts!]

The next morning we woke up late, had breakfast even before bath and leisurely did the packing-packing all the souvenirs we had bought safely. Except for the cuckoo clock and the venetian mask which were in the check-in bag among the clothes, all other small sovenirs and magents were with us in the cabin bag so they dont break. Once done with packing and getting ready we took some group pictures of everyone with the tour guide and started at 12.30pm for lunch at the same place as the previous day. We then realised that we hadnt had ‘authentic italian pizza’ having been in Italy over the past 3 days. So, we requested the tour manager who spoke to the Indian restaurant owner, who showed us how to get to some Italian restaurant. We went in search and finally found one on the main street. After enquiring and confirming that they would serve us vegetarian pizza we walked in and ate paper thin,yummy,cheesy pizza with zuccini,tomato and onions on it. There, that one wish got ticked too πŸ™‚ I realise as I write this, it was mostly me and Savs who had these ‘must dos’ list. The men just let us do the research and decide what they were and Im glad that all of them were fulfilled (except maybe those mosiac ear rings but no regrets). We were given 1 hour time in which time we hurried the owner too (who could understand our english spoken slowly and he spoke back in broken english) ate in a hurry and rushed back right in time to get back into the bus.

We then reached Euroma-2 mall at 3.30 and were given time until 5.30 to roam around and shop and assemble back near the McD.We then split ways – hubby and me having no specific thing in mind while BIL,Savs and N wanted to buy slippers for the little girl,perfumes and cosmetics and such. The hubby and I just roamed around all the shops that had SALDI written,looked around and then bought a flowery printed shirt and shorts for Chutku from H&M. Then I found another small shop and saw dark blue flowery printed divided skirt for 10euros and I just grabbed it.There were other pretty stuff but nothing that got my attention like this skirt and I have never worn a divided skirt in my life before – its more like a loose pyjama-maybe I shouldnt call it skirt.Anyways… Then we looked for some stuff for hubby but didnt find anything within budget and by then it was already 5.15pm – so we walked back to the meeting point. Savs bought her Burberry perfume and some other lotions and stuff though they didnt get the slippers they were looking for. We then went straight to the Leonardo Da Vinci Aerodrome Rome for our departure to Dubai. After check-in, the tour manager had arranged for some packed snacks – sandwiches,apricots,chips and water which we all had-sitting down crosslegged on the floor at the baggage check-in counter! Dont think we would’ve even thought of doing something like this here. And the best part-nobody bothered to give us a second glance – there wasnt any other place to sit – no seating arrangements made and we had seen the locals and other tourists sitting like that in various places we had visited the previous days. We finished that and went towards the security check-in and final immigration.

At the security check-in, our bag of souvenirs were opened and we got worried! The lady opened all the souvenirs out of its soft cloth padding that I had given and then found what she was searching for-the Gladiator mask – it was metal and heavy. After discussion with a couple of other security personale,she thankfully gave it back to us.Whew! Once through the security and immigration, BIL and family split-they had to collect Customs (they had bought Swarovski worth more than 70 euros) and we walked along looking at the souvenir and cloth shops at duty free. At one point we had to take an electric train and I panicked-remember Paris? We left one train and when the next on came along I held on to hubby’s hand tightly and we both got in together πŸ™‚ I know, it was probably un-necessary parnoia but it was something that was still fresh in memory and I couldnt get over it, though I had my passport and ticket and money with me this time! By this time,it was already 8.30 and we just sat there to board the flight.

Dubai – Another 6hr flight and this time, I dozed a little with 2 blankets and coat (the AC had some problem and it was freezing cold) while hubby watched Ek Deewana Tha πŸ™‚ Reached Dubai at 5.30am local time and while the Mumbai folk had their flight at 9.45am our flight to Blore was at 11.45am. So, we searched for the free coupon counter (Emirates have the policy of giving free food coupons if the transit is more than 4hrs) ate and freshened up by 9am and then started our Duty free chocolate shopping. We had decided to buy Lindt anyway-so 1-1/2kg of Lindt was bought, then 2 packets of Milka (Austrian chocolate) was bought for office (Which was a huge hit) and then I definitely wanted Liqueur chocolates – so we went to the liquor shop and bought 2 dabbas of Liqueur chocolates (which was the first thing to get over) and we were done. BIL and Savs did some more shopping for sovenirs to give,chocolates for little N’s bday in school and then we cme across this Dubai souvenir shop where everything was so colourful that I wanted to buy a hanging Tea light holder, alladin lamp, hookah,jewelled camels – Oh My God! The options were limitless but the money had crossed its limit. So we just consoled overselves that we will make a trip to Dubai exclusively and then keep money for shopping all that.Finally, we found chocolate coated nuts and raisins and bought 2 packets of that and decided to put a full stop to shopping.
Reaching the gates for the flight to Blore at 10.30 and sitting down, we heard people conversing in Kannada/Telugu and suddenly it home – we were going back home! Home to Chutku!! Home home home!!! But then home- to the hectic schedule,office work and 5am wake ups… Still… Homeeee…We couldnt sleep through the flight and just chatted and looked out and in no time we felt we were landing at 5.10pm Bengaluru time πŸ™‚ We were home by 7.30pm and the joy of a jumping child in my arms was enough to put aside all thoughts of the trip and resolve that no more trips without him….

And I realise now, while uploading the photos-I hardly have any pictures of the Mall or at the Dubai airport-obviously because we were window shopping so much that we even forgot to take out the camera! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Day 13-Day 14 – Rome-Dubai and Home to Chutkuuuuu

  1. Reaching the gates for the flight to Blore at 10.30 and sitting down, we heard people conversing in Kannada/Telugu and suddenly it home
    Suddenly it “home”? U mean it “hit us”? πŸ™‚

    Have heard a lot about the Dubai airport… want to visit once definitely!

    Yep, there’s nothing like home sweet home…. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome trip RS, I am so happy for you and this is indeed a dream vacation. Which tour did you take? R has traveled to most of these places but I have never been to Europe, now the only think that’s coming on my mind is to plan this dream vacation. This has been on my list for a long time now. Mail me the tour details so that I will start dreaming my dream vacation πŸ™‚

  3. Oh yes nothing can beat the thin crust pizza especially in Italy.. hey not sure if I read anywhere in ur travel log, but did u not try the Ice cream with Waffle in Italy?? It was an awesome experience!! I also remember telling u this..

  4. SavvySpeaks

    Awesome descriptions and a great job done, Rashmi….All those minute details captured very well for us to cherish in the years to come :-)) Kudos to you!!

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