Day 11-Florence and Pisa

We started from Venice at 9am and the destination for that day was Pisa and then Perugia -half way to Rome. We reached the city of Florence at 12noon where we were just shown that ther old town of florence was situated beyond the river but we had no time to go there,sadly. Later we got to know that Florence actually is a beautiful city. Anyway, we stopped for the only famous sculpture of Florence – Michelangelo’s David – a huge nude statue situated on a cliff overlooking the old city of Florence. Just a photos stop and ofcourse I bought a mini replica from there, and we started to Pisa.

We reached Pisa only by 2.30pm and we were all really hungry by then. It was hot and we were asked to walk about 2kms since the only local tourist bus was broken down :-(. No other buses are allowed within those limits because apparently the pollution is causing the marble on the church and Pisa tower is blackening.So, there are electric buses from the tourist bus bay to the tower. All of us walked until the Indian Restaurant and ate heartily.Then, with some renewed energy we walked another km to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. ACtually, this tower is what attracts the tourists to the city of Pisa-there is nothing else of anyimportance in the city.It is just an industrial town.

Seeing the leaning tower and taking some trick photos, we walked along the shops there, bought a replica of the Leaning tower and walked back. Colourful hand fans caught my attention and the hubby too liked it so bought one in black with flowers on it.An additional buy that was not pre decided. We walked back to the restaurant and just sat under the shade
away from the blazing sun while the tour manager got us ice creams – again courtesy tour operator. Most of us had 2 ice creams and then started to the bus as we had a further journey of nearly 2.5hrs to the hotel in Perugia, that way covering half the distance to Rome,making it an easier journey for the next day.

I realise there isnt much to write about this day as we only did more of travelling and the Leaning Tower also wasnt worth it.


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