Day 9-Austria-Innsbruck

Continuing from Day-8 – Jungfraujoch…

Sigh! With Swiss behind us and a long journey ahead, it was kind of already sinking in that that trip was coming to an end. Another 6hrs journey to Innsbruck and on the way we stopped at another small country between the borders of Swiss and Austria – Leichenstien and the capital Vaduz. We had a tram ride of 45mins taking us around the small town and then dropping us back to the central bus bay. The tour guide gave us an hour to just roam around and buy stuff if we wanted and so we just walked around 1 main street looking at shops and taking pictures of the sculptures on the main street.We just bought a magnet from there as a souvenir as everything else was again very expensive and nothing unique.

Started from there at about 12 and after driving through a 15km tunnel which is very famous we stopped for lunch at a big indian hotel Ingwer just as we entered the Austrian border.Yummy food later, we drove some more to the Swarovski Factory and outlet. Though I wasnt much impressed (maybe I had huge expectations) there was some stuff that was really good and all we did was take pictures there. And then the 14 room museum leads directly into the shop before exit (Very strategic, I must say) and we just looked at all those stuff goggle eyed and literally ‘sir ghoomne laga’ looking at the prices. Hubby and I had a major arguement because he wanted me to buy something for myself – it was OK to spend a 100 euros while I had a budget of nothing more than 30euros for something for the house – I had never considered buying anything for myself,my arguement being that I could buy Swarovski in Blore itself! So, after looking around and simultaneously argueing, hubby just put his foot down and said that we were buying stuff for the house from everywhere and we would be buying in Austria too,so could I please just shut-up and buy something-even if it didnt cost a 100 euros. Then we started looking with renewed interest and after looking at plenty of them, I decided to buy a simple bracelet for 51 euros-something that I could wear occassionally and on sarees to office without it looking too ‘jing-chack’ and nothing too expensive (a pair of Swan ear-rings-swan being symbol of Swarovski) cost 95euros!! And THEN we looked around the rest of the group going ga-ga over the stuff and swiping credit cards to buy those sets as gifts!! :-O We then went and grabbed the coffee at the coffee shop attached which again was courtesy-tour operator.We then spoke to hubby’s cousin who lives in Vienna who was disappointed that we didnt plan better so we couldnt visit her. About 20mins of conversation later we decided we would go to Austria again πŸ˜€ with Chutku some time in the distant future.

We were then taken to Innsbruck where we saw the palace of the Hoffburg family where we saw the golden roof, the old buildings constructed way back in 16th,17th century and the church of Jacob (Dom Jacob). We were then asked to roam around and pick up the souvenirs and assemble back at the bus bay by 6.30pm. We roamed around and bought the famous Austrian Beer Stein and a magnet (ofcourse) Savs also bought a warm woollen sweater for her mom or MIL-Im not sure! We then drove about 45mins to the Hotel Olympia which is so beautifully located – it has mountains all around it and its apparently ‘The’ place to be in during the ski-ing season.It has even hosted the Ski Olympics. Very very scenic and we could see the ski lifts and imagine the place covered with snow. Though the day was quite warm by night in the hotel it got real cold and we were wondering how it would be when it has snowed!

Dinner at the hotel and they have a seperate discotheque – so it was our group hindi music disco night that night and we made sure everyone shook a leg πŸ™‚ and were in bed by 10.30 – preparing for another long journey to Italy the next day.


6 thoughts on “Day 9-Austria-Innsbruck

    1. Looks pretty sure-but in reality its all so bling-bling… good to see and photograph πŸ˜€ But the swarovski jewellery-some of that stuff was definitely too good but they didnt allow cameras inside the shop.

    1. Hey Jas! I got a fit of giggling looking at the fat lady – was giggling like a teenager which now I feel was so stupid – but still – in the centre of a shopping complex and thats the “art”?
      The Devil is nice na – man-made hill and devil face – Even I loved it-was on my mind since I saw that Karishma Kapoor/Salman Khan dance…

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