European Dream-Day 5- 3 meals in 3 different countries

[ETA: Oho! I had completely forgotten to publish the day 5! And Thanks to my SIL who pointed it out to me! -so this one’s in her name 🙂 ]

This was one super day-Breakfast in Belgium, Lunch in Netherlands (Amsterdam), Dinner in Germany (Cologne). Even the most seasoned travellers would probably not lay claim to something like this 😀

As we started post breakfast at 9am it was drizzling and we realised that it has rained all night long.Everyone was in a very good mood and we all sang songs. Hubby and I even sang a duet song which was much appreciated.Even more surprising was the generally shy and reluctant hubby chose amazing Rafi songs to sing and he was in quite demand through the trip. Especially to sing ‘Aap ki aankhon mein’ and ‘Abhi na jao choD kar’. A journey of 2.5 hours and we reached the cheese and Clog factory where they demonstrated making of cheese and making of clog (wooden) shoes. The 2 men who showed us these were very smart and flirted around with the ladies around putting everyone in a good mood though it was raining outside. The veggie smoked cheese was sooo yummy that I kept hovering around that and eating bits of it though we didnt buy it-nobody at home loves it so much to finish a kg of cheese 😦 we then bought souvenir clog shoes and ceramic windmills and magnet and left the place before we got tempted by anything else. We then took a photostop at an authentic old wooden windmill in the rain (we have a picture where hubby and I are huddled together trying to fight the chill!) and then rushed for lunch in the city of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, it was not the season for the tulips else it would have been a memorable visit to the tulip gardens too. Lunch of burgers at McD and then to Amsterdam canal cruise for an hour.Thankfully by this time (3pm I think) it had stopped raining and the entire cruise was ours. We did something stupid like standing on the seats on the deck while the cruise captain came and asked us to get down – quite embarassing that was, though half the bus was doing just that. 1hour cruise taking us through the old town and the new, with old bridges that some sisters built, new botique kind of shops, old monuments and new science buildings (nero) A good one hour spent relaxing and looking around. We also saw old cruise boats converted to stagnant house boats where people lived – with colourful flowers on the deck. An hour later when we got off the boat we apologised to the Captain and he apologised in return telling us that there was cause of accident if our head hit the underside of any low bridge. It was only then we realised how stupid our action of climbing on those wooden seats were!

From there we had a couple of hours drive to Cologne (Germany) where we saw the HUGE Cologne Cathedral ( – beautiful,beautiful place and so huge. We werent actually expecting anything like this so we were quite impressed. There was a choir practise in session and hubby and I just sat there,soaked inthe feeling listening to the choir,I prayed,took some pictures and in 20 mins started from there.They have this huge Organ (musical instrument) which is played only when the Pope visits.

By the time we reached the hotel, it was past 9.30pm again and it had been a long day of travel. We were told that the next day would be a longer journey keeping in mind the traffic – Germany to Switzerland…


7 thoughts on “European Dream-Day 5- 3 meals in 3 different countries

  1. Yes in fact when I was scrolling through your blog for previous posts, I was not able to find Part 5 anywhere. I just assumed you made it private or something. Didn’t strike me that you didn’t load it at all!

    The windows with paintings are stunning 🙂

    Err…but why is a romantic bridge built by SISTERS? 😯 I was assuming lovers! 😛

  2. Hey wow on 3 meals in 3 different countried dear!! Dats really something to boast about for sure!! I am totally drooling over ur entire Europe trip!! I always read ur Travellogue almost immedietely from my mobile as I spot it but its kinda inconvinient replying it from Mobile so hv not.. Great going dear, Absolutely loved ur Trip experience!!

  3. KR

    You are extremely generous SIL! Btw, I have exact same pictures of Amsterdam taken by your bro! Looks like Brother & Sister see the same things!

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