Day 8-Jungfraujoch – The Top of Europe

Started only by 9am that morning and on the way to Jungfraujoch We had to cross Interlaken city. A couple of photo stops later and ooh-ing and aah-ing over the scenic beauty we reached Trummelbach falls ( Since we were to reach the Lauterbrunnen station to take the 12.07pm train to Jungfrau the tour guide gave us just about 45 mins to rush through and get back. I was initially not very interested since he said there were about 300 steps to climb but the when we reached closer realised what an engineering marvel this place is! Melting water from 10 glaciers have carved a path through the interiors of a mountain and flow/fall completely inside the mountain – you can never see a thing from outside (atleast we didnt)-only listen to the roaring sound until you get into a lift and they take you up to a level from where you can sight the falls for the first time. From there its quite a climb to the top from where the water first carves into the mountain – the lift and the stairs are so well made (ofcourse due to lack of sunlight and spray from the waterfalls make the stairs wet) that I was really impressed. We wondered why they cant advertise and better the places in our own country – there is definitely no lack of such wonderful places…

Rushing back down, we reached the Lauterbrunnen at 11.55 and immediately got into the train to Kleine Scheidegg. Looked up to the cloud covered Alps, down at the green coniferous trees and a stream or two, looked out at the green/brown grass with little wild flowers and the trekking groups-envying them that they could afford to spend much time in these surroundings. In about 30mins we reached Kleine Scheidegg and we had to change trains to Jungfrau. This was a much steeper climb (we could feel it) and completely inside a long tunnel. A journey of nearly an hour and there were a couple ofstops inside the tunnel itself with huge windows as view points from where we could look out into the blinding vastness of snow. While the hubby dozed, I just relaxed,spoke to the others in the group and got down to see from the view points. Nearly an hour and 15mins drive later we got off at Jungfrau at 1.45 and rushed to the ‘Bollywood’ hotel where lunch was waiting for us. Again an Indian lunch with posters of the bollywood stars hung on walls and huge windows overlooking the ice and snow. Post lunch we were told what all to see – The Sphinx Tower, Ice Palace, Playing area and to meet back at the coffee counter at 4.15 – have coffee (again courtesy Tour operator) and start back by the 4.40 train. And it was about 2.30pm at the time. We reached the Sphinx tower and took pictures and saw the play area from the top. We just rushed to that place,and oh! I never mentioned this-it was a bright and sunny day! 😀 So we did some tubing again- a longer and more curvy path this time with little N too going in the tube with her mom and enjoying. Tried making a snowman and slipped and hit each other with snow and before we knew it, it was already 3.50pm.We literally rushed as fast as we could through the rest of the stuff,sliding and skaing through the Ice Palace (Which is way better than the one on Mt.Titlis by the way) and reached the coffee counter right on time. Had HOT Coffee (which was much needed with freezing fingers and toes and nose) and got the train back to Lauterbrunnen via Kleine Scheidegg and a good night’s sleep before starting to Austira the next day.Little N was sleepy and bored and to keep her occupied hubby and I taught her the game of ‘Hangman’ and played with her-making her recollect all the cities/towns and places we had visited until then.

On the way back we were ruminating the fact that half the trip was over and the most sought after Swiss was also over and the dream is soon coming to an end.And suddenly hubby and BIL started planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland since our UK Tourist VISA is valid until December!! :-O Hehehe. The others in the group who were with us must be wondering how rich we must be to do 2 foreign trips in 6 months! And from there we dream planned a full cousins trip to Australia and New Zealand/ The Kenyan Masai Mara safari trip/ Spain and Greece and Turkey…All dream destinations to see…But first to start saving up for them again…


7 thoughts on “Day 8-Jungfraujoch – The Top of Europe

    1. Wow! That was a super quick response Jas!

      I hope its is a perfect travelogue so I can come back here years later and still live through it all 🙂 and I find that Im already forgetting the small details as I write these posts… 😦

  1. Ok I’m totally J !! It was a sunny day and you actually got to the tip point of Jungfrau?? Wow…! For us it was snowing a blizzard so had to stop at Kleine Scheidegg (thanks for reminding me…I had forgotten that name!). And it is from here to Grindelwald (base) that I missed my train. I have posted that comment somewhere in your earlier part of the travellogue. 🙂

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