Day 7-Mt.Titlis and Lucerne Lake

The next day began with rain again. No amount of humming ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ helped 😦 When we reached the base of Mt.Titlis it had stopped raining so we thought we might get to see some sunshine by the time we get to the top. The ride itself is an experience-first a Cable Car ride of 6 people each.Quite a steep ascent and again because of the height, I was a little scared. Then a rectangle big box like cable car up to the Rotair. The Rotair is a cylinder whose base rotates 360 degrees to give the people inside a complete view of the mountains. All through the journey it kept drizzling and we were hoping that the activities would still be open. We reached the top of Mt. Titlis and walked out to… SNOW!! It was snowing and cloudy with only about 10 feet visibility. Most of the people decided to just stay back inside the building while we decided we wanted to still check out if the tubing was open. We were told to take the Ice-Flyer (Another open cable car with all 5 people sitting in a line).The tour guide pointed in a general direction and asked us to take the Ice-Flyer from there-we couldnt see a thing. As we bagan walking we saw an orange/yellow flag and some shadow of what looked like a construction! Once there, we saw the Ice-Flyer which is in constant motion-it never stops. Once it reaches the platform, it moves slowly while we need to hop-sit in the 5 bucket seats available pull down the security bar and it begins to move… I never got scared, because there was hardly any visiblity – we couldnt see down nor ahead-so we didnt know where we were going!! It was funnn! and Brrrrr….. COLD even with thermals and coats and topis and woollen socks…We reached the tubing stop covered in snow and freezing nose. The little niece was scared of the poor visiblity and cold and began to cry that she didnt want to do the tubing. So, I covered her nose and face with my muffler and we first asked the men to do the tubing-because we couldnt see where it would end! πŸ˜€ So the brave men went first and we could hazily make out where the slope ended. And then S and I couldnt wait for them to come back up so we could go and then men took forever to come up. By then it had even begun to hail and we couldnt even make out if the men had even started the ascent back on the travellator -Yes, there are travellators even on that snow for people to put the tubes and get back up instead of pulling it up and walking – such a good idea na? After what seemed like an eternity and the poor girl shivering in cold and crying, the men came back and we just hopped into the tubes and awayyyyyyy we went. Wheeeeeeeeeeee….What fun that was and it felt like such a short distance! Not satisfied with doing it just once, we did it once more while the men generously offered to stand and wait for us with litlt N. Once done, we walked back – slipping and skating on ice to the ice-flyer and were back up within minutes. BIL struggled hard to get a picture of us on the ice-flyer but it was so slippery and snowing and the flyers constantly moving that we didnt want him to be left behind and just hurried him to jump in before it moved away. And we requested the helper there to cover our flyer with the glass partition (we didnt even know it was there until we saw another set of people covering themselves) so that we wouldnt get chilled to the bones (If only we knew during the descent) .By then anyway our socks were wet, and I could hardly feel my toes and fingers inside the gloves and neither could I feel my nose. The BIL family took a traditional photograph of Swiss once inside while we backed off-we felt we were not a complete family-no Chuktu-so we didnt want the picture. Had a free Movenpic icecream (courtesy tour operator) and took a walk around the ice museum. Got into the Rotair and were back to Titisee where hot lunch with Pav Bhaji and Carrot Halwa were waiting for us. By the time we finished lunch at 3pm the clouds had cleared and we had better visibity-we were amazed by the sheer drops and heights through which we had just come down on the Rotair and I was secretly glad that we didnt see that then!! We were back on ground by 3.30 and after having another hot tea at Gourm India at the base of the Mountain we started to Lucerne lake.

We were taken to the Lion monument (Β and the Lucerne lake-wooden bridge, then left free until 5.45pm to do what we wanted. We walked over the bridge taking pictures, just talking about the adventures of the day and saw lots of people sitting all along the lake on the pavement under canopies having drinks/snacks and we wanted to do the same. Savs more than the rest of us-she had mentioned it even before we started on the trip. Also, by then the sun was out and I was feeling stuffy and hot wearing thermals that I wanted to get rid of and was desperately searching for restrooms. We were told that the restrooms were only inside the shops and only if you buy something there, you could use the restrooms. So, we walked along, found a Starbucks and while the others were deciding what to buy I rushed to the restroom to get rid of the thermals. By the time I came out they had decided to buy 1 drink – Savs had selected Berry Hibiscus Tea and share – everything was very expensive. And then for the little N who had answered a tough question that her Dad had asked (Which city did we visit that is called the place of canals,bridges and cycles – answer: Amsterdam) was rewarded with a yummy round choclate coin. Since we had taken a drink we got a place to sit under the canopy for 1/2 hr and relaxed and chatted until 5.30. We then walked along the empty streets – even running around near an empty foutain square playing running race with little N and bought souvenirs in a shop the tour guide had shown (Souvenirs in Swiss were the most expensive)-I bought a cow toothpick holder and magnet while they bought bell (I already have a bell thanks to the brother) and some other misc stuff.We saw families sitting around with little babies in the prams and having dinner by the lake – letting their dogs free – overlooking the swans in the water and the colourful flowers on the bridge.Ah! What a wonderful way of spending a relaxed evening…Can you just imagine?

We met the rest of the group at 6pm at the pre-decided spot and the tour guide took us to the cruise ship on which we were supposed to have our dinner. There was another Indian group and the 2 groups were merged that day-the entire cruise ship was filled with Indians πŸ™‚ We had live Swiss music with Accordion and the swiss specific long pipe and some wooden small instruments to make the beats while we had wine and indian dinner at 7.30pm. The last half hour on the cruise we went to the deck and there was Indian movie music and we all danced with little N leading us all with her steps πŸ™‚ I guess I had a little too much wine on an empty stomach and then ate sweet and I had a light buzz so I just watched. Done by about 8.30 and it still felt like about 6.30 in the evening, we headed back to the hotel all exhausted and happy – all talking about the day and discussing about the weather for the next day – keeping fingers crossed for the sunny weather to the Top of Europe-Jungfraujoch…


5 thoughts on “Day 7-Mt.Titlis and Lucerne Lake

  1. Ossusm!!! πŸ˜€
    I didn’t quite get what you meant with the ice-flyer and tubing and all that… but tried to picture it as best as I could! πŸ™‚

    You managed to find Pav Bhaji and carrot halwa in the middle of that? Wow!!

    Yay!! Finally we are moving to read about Jungfrau part! πŸ˜€ Bring it on!

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