European Dream-Day 6-The land of Alps – Switzerland!!

The first long journey of 6hrs through the Black Forest region. It being saturday, we were told that most of Germany travels to Black forest for camps during the weekend and the Autobahn (highway) was jam packed with cars and buses bumper-to-bumper. Though we had started at 8am and were scheduled to reach the black forest region – Drubba-Cuckoo Clock Factory by 1pm, we were stuck in traffic jam, had to take an alternate route and reached the Cuckoo clock factory only by 3.30pm-for lunch!! We were again served burgers and the famous black forest cake which was so fresh with cream (yummmm….) – authentic…We were given time till 4.30 for shopping and we rushed through the lunch and went to look at the pretty cuckoo clocks. Such cute ones with girls coming out to dance, or couples dancing, couples kissing, colourful cuckoo clocks with a cost of more than 200 euros. Sigh! I had no plans for buying a cuckoo clock but then husband was so carried away by it he told me that if we find a cuckoo clock for 100 euros we will buy it. And we did find one-simple,small with just a cuckoo coming out to sing,no frills,no paintings,small one for 115 euros and on discount came to 97 euros. No amount of pestering worked against buying and the husband said-this is for me! and I had to relent-we bought an authentic cuckoo clock for 97 euros-so did the BIL family. Now it lays in the cupboard safely packed, until we figure out how to assemble it and where to hang it…
We clicked some pictures whiling away time, thinking the big cuckoo clock would strike for 5pm but the tour manager refused to wait. He said we needed to be at the Rhine falls before they close at 6pm else we would be missing the boat ride. So, we all hurried back into the bus a tad disappointed that we didnt actually see the huge clock ring. We reached teh Rhine falls at exactly 5.45pm and rushed to get into the boat. We were taken very close to the water falls with water spraying on us (reminded us of Niagara, though its not that huge). We were actually supposed to get off in the middle and take the stairs to the top of the narrow cliff but unfortunately the boat captain refused to let us get down there as it would take us atleast 1/2hr to get to the top,click pictures and come down-by which time it would be past 6.30pm-his closing time 😦 So we requested for another round close to the water spray and got back by 6.20. The Rhine water falls is broad and huge with a castle on the cliff adjacent to it-its a beautiful sight…
We had vada-pav and hot masala Chai in that cold wind at Gourm India outlet (courtesy-tour operator) and went to Zurich on the way to Lucerne. A quick photo stop at Zurich lake where my new colourful cap fell into the water and while I was just thinking I lost it even before I wore it, BIL held on to the water bund with his hands,lowered himself and picked it up with his feet! I was soo happy that I literally hopped and skipped back to the bus with a dripping wet hat! 😀 We took some silly photos and from there went to a place for Zug for the next 3 nights of stay in Switzerland – All excited for the Mt.Titlis and Cable Car ride the next day…


6 thoughts on “European Dream-Day 6-The land of Alps – Switzerland!!

  1. Wow such beautiful pictures, I am a big fan of cuckoo clocks got a couple in my home.
    I would certainly love to go and see the cuckoo factory.

    Beautiful waterfall..
    Oh man I so want to go and see it all myself…

  2. LOL, so the cuckoo clock is lying packed in your cupboard is it? Hurry up and take it out na 🙂 Assemble it and let the cuckoos ring in your home.

    I am impressed that you actually remember so much from each and every day of your trip!

    And even more so that u actually found places for proper Indian food during each of those days!! 😯

    1. Eh! I made small notes on things that I might forget and mostly I wanted to do this as soon as possible so I can put it all here:-D More so – its been a dream trip na – can still remember quite a lot and reminisce 🙂
      Cuckoo clock? – still lying packed. BAbe! I will announce it here the day it actually comes alive – trust me! 😀

  3. I am big fan of the cuckoo clocks. I am glad that you bought it. put a picture when you assemble it. I am sure Chutku will love that.vada-pav and masala Chai you are one luck person to have this while traveling. Yeah I wish you could spend more time there, eagerly waiting for cable car ride and pictures 🙂

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