Europe Day 2 – Paris – Climbing down the Eiffel Tower

Paris – Sigh! Not at all as expected and this is one place where we had the maximum adventure…
We had the most inconvenient wake up timings – 2.30am.After a hurried bath and packing up, we left to the train (ATV) station to take the express train to Paris. An easy security check later we boarded the 5.30am train which was for the most part boring journey and reached Paris by 9.30am local time.First impression – Dirty and not so friendly. Once outside the station we saw pee on the footpath and beggar sleeping right next to it, dog poop and the ‘PARIS’ image went down by a notch.

Getting into the bus, we first drove to the Seine river cruise. We decided to brave the winds and sat on the side deck looking around,enjoying the first view of the monuments and taking pictures for an hour.Then taken directly for lunch at another Indian restaurant and then we met the guide (A younger lady compared to our London guide) who spoke like this “On you left-aa (nasal aa) you see-aa the Notre Dame-aa, the hospital-aa built by Napolean-aa for his soldiers-aa” but we could still understand what she was saying if we didnt burst out in giggles *sheesh,how kiddish it sounds when i write it* and so we saw Paris from the bus-Louvre,Notre Dame,Arch De Triumph,Champ-Elsyee’s (Shampaleesey-the way she pronounced it) and saw the famous shopping street of Parisians with its branded shops -Louise Vitton anyone? The streets were crowded with tourists and shoppers – apprarently it being the lunch time. After the tour we were stopped near the Eiffel Tower to get to the 3rd Level. Then began the long wait of 3 hrs standing under the Eiffel Tower – Can you believe it-Touted as a Wonder of the World and only 1 out of the 4 lifts are working for the past 4 months and they dont even have engineers to set it right! So, it was a 3.5 hrs wait to the single lift to the top. We reached the 2nd floor by 6.30pm and then there are 2 lifts to get to the 3rd level.Once there, we forgot the wait, enjoyed the view and the Champagne (at a cost of 15Euros!) that warmed our bodies and took the lift back to the 2nd level – to change to the bigger lift which would take us back to Terra Firma.

And here begins Adventure 1: As I already mentioned that there was just 1 operational lift-it was under tremendous load. As one set of people waiting in the queue got in which included BIL,S and N the lift was declared full and hubby and I along with our tour guide were asked to wait for the next lift. The lift doors closed and then…nothing happened! The lift wasnt able to go down at all.They tried and tried and when BIL asked the operator he irritatingly said “I know only as much as you know”!! We on the outside didnt know anything either and after waiting for 15mins while they couldnt even open the lift doors and let them out – we (hubby,tour operator and I) decided to take the stairs down. Many would’ve seen the Eiffel tower and gone to the top but how many can claim that they got down the 500/600 odd steps from level 2 to the ground? 😛 By the time we got down the lift was also brought down-inch by inch and we all reached the ground together. But it was quite scary-what if the lift had lost control? All the while coming down I kept praying that the people in the lift come down safely… Thank God! With that single lift also kaput, Im still wondering what happened to the old and wheel chair bound people who were on the 1st floor restaurant of the tower? And what about the serpentine queue of people who were still waiting to get to the top?? And they speak of Wonder of the World!

Post this adventure, it was dinner time at another Indian restaurant and then to the Mercure hotel – which was near the Orly airport – here Im deliberately mentioning the names of the hotel and area of stay-because it features prominently in my narrative for Day 3… Also, it was an extremely wonderful hotel in terms of room and bathroom size! And we were in the most romantic city in the world and raring to roam around on our own the next day…


11 thoughts on “Europe Day 2 – Paris – Climbing down the Eiffel Tower

    1. Yeah yaa – just before the incident BIL actually suggested that we climb down and I vehemently refused citing that the next day was a long one-and look what happened!! It was like the ‘Eiffel Baba’ heard and said “Putri, you *need* to experience the climb down”! Bah!

  1. Wow! You literally had to climb down the Eiffel tower! Did you go up at night? It’s gorgeous at night. The whole of Paris lies glittering beneath.

    Lifts not working? I think things were in better shape when we went there – about 7 years ago. Guess the economic crisis has hit them hard 🙂

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