The European Dream – Day 0 and Day 1 – London

Hello,Bon Jour,Guten Morgen,Ciao (Chow),Pronto (pronounced Prontho)...

Its been a week since we (5 of us-Hubby’s cousin B,Wife S and 10 year old daughter N and the 2 of us,unless otherwise mentioned ‘we’ would be all 5 of us) are back and I want to do this travalogue before I forget the small details. You can expect really lengthy posts with minute details-Im doing this as a memoir for myself – so go ahead and skip the series if you wish, or Ofcourse-you can only look at the pictures πŸ™‚

Day 0/Day 1: London: We started on 7th Evening to London via Dubai on the Emirates flight. The Check-in and the security was smooth and we settled down to eat some rolls and have coffee in the airport before boarding the flight. The initial excitement was high and the flight was just 2.5 hrs, so instead of sleeping watched a movie that my brother has always been recommending – Before Sunrise, ate the dinner they gave on the flight (By the way, why do they give freezing drinks and fruits to eat in-flight with the temperature also freezing inside?) and before we knew it we had landed. OK, once and only once will I admit – Im scared of flight take-offs and landings and any turbulence in between -paranoid that something will happen in a split second and I will be dead soon… I was even contemplating that I will talk to my Bro and SIL in London ( ie; if I make it safe till there) to sign up a bond that if something were to happen to me/us during the flight then they would take care of my son…

In Dubai airport-What do I talk about this place? We had about 5 hrs transit and all we did was ogle and ramble across the different gates browsing through stuff we could take back on the return journey πŸ™‚ Chocolates – it was decided would be picked up from here and we would not be lugging it in luggage all around Europe-1 problem solved. And then we finally reached out gate with aching feet and snoozed until the rest of the tour group reached the gates. Did you know that no matter how many restrooms you have in the airport-the one you enter will always be full,with people waiting and smelling? Murphy’s Law – Eh? Onward to London – a longer 8 hour flight with 2 meals thrown in πŸ™‚ and by this time all I wanted to do was get some sleep-but they kept waking us up to eat something or the other, and I decided to watch another Prateek Babbar and Amy Jackson’s movie-Ek Deewana tha – What? Free entertainment and more than that-Free time for myself!!! I also managed to apply some nail polish just before we got off the flight – Ha! Optimum utilisation of time! πŸ˜€

London-Landed in London-Gatwick at 7.10am local time and realisd that the hotel check-in wouldnt happen until 2.Met the tour guide who gave us an hour to ‘freshen up’ at the airport and we would visit our first place of site seeing-Madam Tussauds at 11am. By the time we collected out baggages and brushed our teeth and combed our hair it was 9am and we were to start immediately.Ofcourse, no bath that day πŸ˜€ Getting out of the airport,we saw typical London weather-gloomy and rain.We had plans of meeting my Brother and SIL for lunch that day thinking that there would be no activities planned (as per the itenary).There was some frantic phone calls made, taxis booked and cancelled, tube maps consulted and then it was decided we would still go to their home for lunch after the wax museum visit. The tour guide was generous and kind enough to take all our big baggages to the hotel and pick up our room keys for us. The highlight of London – Rains and more rains! Still we stood in queue for Madam Tussauds in the rain, and though it wasnt all that much fun as we already had an idea of what if would be-a photograph with George Clooney and the ‘London Taxi ride’ at the end was worth the experience. Oh! And we were given hot coffee right in front of the museum as part of the Compliments from the tour company πŸ™‚

From the wax museum, while the rest of the 38 members went to the hotel to Rest and Recuperate we took the London Tube train and reached Canary Wharf close to which my Brother lives. Had yummy SIL made lunch of Pulav,carrot halwa and exchanged exchanged gifts πŸ™‚ while brother called the hotel we were staying at to figure out how to reach there later. We then left to go to Oxford street-roaming around aimlessly while my Co-sis Savvy wanted to check out Hamley’s toy shop. After a lot of searching we reached Regent street and Hamley’s only to realise that the shop closed bang at 6pm. So, with a dejected mood we walked back to the Bond street station, ate hot Crepes at the empty stall on the way and got into the train to the hotel. Getting off at the designated stop we took another bus to the hotel – running all the way from the train station to the bus station in pouring rain πŸ™‚ We reached the hotel by 9.30pm right in time for dinner and it still looked like how it would be at 7pm here.Oh! by the way, I only had the carrot halwa that SIL had lovingly packed for us to carry back – it was THAT Good.Dinner and crashed to bed.

London – Day 2 – 6am wakeup call and after breakfast started a bus tour of London. Picked up the guide (An old well dressed lady in a peach shirt and skirt,matching nail polish and lip color) who told us the history of the place, where we saw the change of guards,london tower bridge, big ben,westminster Abbey,Buckingham palace. Post lunch in an indian restaurant, we asked the tour manager that we wanted to do some souvenier shopping-so he took us back to Oxford street,gave us an hour to shop there and we had already reserved tickets for London Eye at 4.30pm. Since we had already checked out Hamley’s the previous evening we all literally just ran to that place, did hurried shopping (bought a few cheap toys for Chuktu-what? it was not in my budget!) met SIL again for a few mins and ran back to the bus after hurriedly picking up some souveniers and magnets.In the 1 hour given, running took 40mins and shopping took 20mins-so you can just imagine! London Eye was fun and there was no crowd at all,so the 45mins or so that we take the ride was unhurried and relaxed. After a point we stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed the sights. After a hot coffee we boarded the bus back to the hotel half heartedly-there is so much more the experience in London! – Next time maybe (Keeping fingers crossed)…

For those of you who read through 1145 words (Did you really read through or skipped straight to this?) above-here’s a small visual treat πŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “The European Dream – Day 0 and Day 1 – London

  1. Wah! this is super yaar…I loved loved loved the narriative πŸ™‚

    Carrot Halwa in are lucky babes πŸ™‚

    Waiting for the next in the series πŸ™‚

  2. Yes I did read through the entire thing. Simply because I was in love with London from the day I stepped foot there to do my higher studies πŸ™‚ Ur post took me back in time by 4 hours to all the happy memories I had there…. Thank you for that!

    Haha yes you went in summer so the sun must set only by 9.30-10pm! Yep rains are a constant throughout the day. I used to love that…. the weather I mean πŸ™‚

    Did u see borough market, camden, tower of london, eastham, southhall…. Oh I could go on and on!! πŸ˜€ Waiting for you to upload the remaining parts….

  3. SavvySpeaks

    RushmeChatter, good Job! relived thos memories….I’ll come back to go thru all those minute details again and again :-))

    1. Oh! It was sooo much fun LF! Really! And we are glad we didnt take Chutku with us because it was equally hectic and strenuous. You planning too? I will give you more details than I put here if you call me for sure-and bug you! πŸ˜€

    1. Aww 😦 Please dont do that Bikram! 😦 Do read!! We only had 1 day in London and we squeezed in an hour for lunch at my brother’s place-so you can imagine…

      Next time the orders are I stay there for atleast a couple of weeks (along with my son) so then I will definitely contact you (Whenever that is!)

  4. Ooooooh London my love, I just love London… wonderful place,… Oh so sorry u cudnt visit Hamley’s dont worry its comming soon in the Pheonix market City in Manna Bangaloru, I hv already demanded Appi to buy me something from there.. πŸ™‚ wow the tower Bridge all set for olympics- how kool is that..

  5. hey am yet to read the travelogue…but the heading of the last post rang a bell in my mind…you and your hubby went on a Europe trip without the kiddo…WOWOW…how lucky!!!! I mean you had the option to leave the kid behind and go without worrying…cool…:-)))
    Will read at leisure, Rashmi πŸ™‚

  6. So London treated you with it’s favourite weather πŸ™‚ We had been to London to refresh our memories of it, before leaving the UK for good, and surprisingly the weather was not too bad.

    Hamleys – it is such a disappointment, no? When daughter was little, we used to be all bedazzled by it. So this time, we thought it would be fun for her. The only thing fun were the lego statues of the Royal Family – for her. For the rest, Toys R Us would have been a better choice.

    London is such a vibrant city, we used to have so much fun there! I miss it all now – sometimes πŸ™‚

    I read it all πŸ™‚ Makes me wish I could go there again.

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