Friday Fun -Chutku, While we were away and now that we are back…

[ETA: Wrote the post yesterday and wanted to post it, but network settings at work and then yesterday being Varalakshmi pooja – visiting houses in the evening all added to me crashing to bed by 10.30 without publishing this]

Hello people, well yes, we are back from the 14 days whirlwind Europe trip and landed in Bangalore on a rainy evening last sunday. And I want to start my travellogue of the 14/15 days…But before that, today being a friday and expecting all you Maasi’s and Atthai’s and Aunties of Chutku would be more anxious to know how was Chutku in our absence – I thought I will give you all that information first πŸ™‚

Oh! Before I begin telling my tales – let me first tell you, that the past 2 days at work,every given free moment has been spent catching up at all your spaces – The Bride, RM,SnS, Seema, Deeps, TGND,Scribby, SummerScript,LF to name a few. But ofcourse, office network not allowing me to comment is a big hinderer…So those of you who have kindly added me on your readers-I hope this post gets to all of you to say that Im back in circulation!

So how have you all been? SnS and Scribby – howz the new job treating you? Seema – Why no new posts? All OK? Thirdy year old RM – how much to say to you in this little space? LF – All the best for your new move!

With that out of the way – Howz Chutku been-you ask? According to his grandparents (both sets) he’s been a wonderful child. NO tantrums what-so-ever in our absence.

I had been preparing (is what I would like to call it) him for our trip for about 2 weeks before our travel, telling him that he has to stay with Amm-Amma, Thatha, he has to eat and sleep like a good child, he should not throw tantrums – and I would like to think that it worked… No tantrums, only requirement was that on some days he would get very clingy to mom and asked to be carried all the time which gave her no scope for getting any work around the house done.
Eating-as always, mom had to spend an hour behind him every meal but that is nothing new. Sleeping-the first 2 days apparently he didnt sleep well.He was very restless and was fidgetting between my parents,trying to get used to sleeping with them on their bed. But no major tantrums asking for me…
Activities-He must’ve roamed the city these last 14 days like he never has these past 2.5 yrs! The grandparents have hired taxi and taken him around to visit relatives, the other set of grandparents have taken him to meet cousins and to Lal Bagh, to park to play in sand – what not to keep him occupied. MIL has gone home every morning and taken him cycling for an hour so that he tires out, has his milk and a good nap before lunch giving mom some much needed break to have her bath and get other things around the house organised… Over all he has been much pampered and spoilt.Everyday we called, he either refused to talk to us or just always told us only one thing – Amma/Appa Baa (Come) and he would be off to play with the cycle/legos or whatever else would be occupying him at that time.

The day we got back, Mom had been preparing him since morning that Appa/Amma would come home today evening so that it would’nt shock him much. None-the-less he was sooo SUPER excited that I could hear his voice from inside the house when he peeped through the window on the first floor and Dad brought him down by the time I got out of the taxi. He just jumped into my arms and huGGed me tight. And started screaming to the world in general “Amma bandaru,Appa bandaru (Bandaru=came)”. Mom had to force dinner through his throat because he refused to stop talking! Non stop talking, and showing me all his toys-his cycle,legos, his soft toys-emptied the cover full of toys like I was going home for the first time and he had to show them to me…It was kind of overwhelming to watch. And then when my mom asked if he wants to sleep he first said “Thaachi beda” (No sleeping) and then again when mom asked after 1/2 hr he told her “Naanu melale (melgade) thaachi maaDtheeni,amma jothe” – I will sleep upstairs with Amma.And that was the beginning of the Chipku-ness. I didnt even think of having a bath that evening before going to bed and the little fellow was so confused still with where he wants to sleep, I decided to tell all the Europe story to my parents while patting him to sleep on the sofa-so he had the satisfaction of having both mom and Amm-amma with him.
Monday and Tuesday were the same-he wanted me to keep the door of the bathroom open – no matter if I had to pee/poop or have bath and I did just that to keep him satisfied (Yeah-go ahead and cringe, but all you mommy bloggers must surely know that this is nothing new). AndΒ  unasked for hugs and kisses were given (being given) in plenty. Suddenly on monday evening, while I was washing the vessels (Yeah,back with a thud-no maid the whole week) and he was playing with his toys he comes to me,hugs and gives me a kiss. And when I asked him if he wanted a kiss too-he said “Bummy ge kissie” and then says “Amma, neenu London ge hodyalla, nange bejaaru banthu,aLu banthu” (When you went to London, I got sad,I got tears) then I cried too-hugged him and told him that I wont be leaving him anymore and he will come with me everywhere and asked him “Happy?” he asks “Appa?” and I told him Appa too wont leave him and we will always take him with us everywhere. I thought the matter ended there but on tuesday while we were visiting my aunt he heard me talking about the trip and suddenly comes to me and says in front of everyone “Amma, neenu nanna bittu London ge hogbittya? Nange bejaaru banthu” (You left me and went to London? I felt very bad)!!! And you can imagine the reactions of all the aunts and uncles there!! :-O And Oh as per mom’s words “See how he behaves when you are around! He never screamed and threw tantrums like this the last 15 days and I see a different side of him now!” -so you know how the sight of mom changes the personality!!

But now we are back to work and his mood is back to normal, he even threw a tantrum last night and insisted that he wanted to sleep next to my parents-though coming to office and daycare is something he doesnt want to do now that he knows what it is to stay at home with the grandparents πŸ™‚Β  But such is life-the vacation is over Baby! And its back to the Chakki peesing and peesing and peesing-yes even for him…


17 thoughts on “Friday Fun -Chutku, While we were away and now that we are back…

  1. I had a dream of you, S and Chutku last night. Was waiting to see an update from you. And love you for posting about Chutku, how he stayed, how he reacted to see you guys first. Your trip details could have anyway waited.

    I feel so relieved after reading this post. My heart skipped a beat at “Amma, neenu London ge hodyalla, nange bejaaru banthu,aLu banthu”.

    Loved the last line… the chakki peesing one. Very apt re… Seriously!

    1. I KNEW IT! You would be more worried about Chuktu – thats why I put that. Yes Seema, his words made me cry and surprised that he could express himself so well too! And so I hugged and apologised to him… πŸ™‚

  2. Chutku really had behaved himself a lot. And I really loved how he spent the days without you guys around. Now next post has to be about your adventure πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome back after the vacation Rashmi πŸ™‚
    So good to read about Chutku and how he was sooooper excited on your arrival. I can so imagine how he must have felt and hence had been clinging to you from the moment you were back πŸ™‚
    Though it’s great that he was fine the two weeks you were away and didn’t throw any major tantrums πŸ˜€ …he sure is a big boy now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Welcome back to the mill dear. Eagerly waiting for the travelogue and pictures πŸ˜€

    1. Hi ME! how lovely to hear from you. Hope you are doing good…

      He has become a chipku now but Im sure its for a matter of a few more days, then he will go back to turning his face away everytime I go to hug or kiss him!

    2. Hi ME! how lovely to hear from you. Hope you are doing good…

      He has become a chipku now but Im sure its for a matter of a few more days, then he will go back to turning his face away everytime I go to hug or kiss him!

      And Oh! Boring travellogue – day wise will come soon πŸ™‚

  4. wah! you are back….I love this boy okie? Totally love him…give him big big big kisses from this aunt in Bombay

    Waiting with bated breath for the travel tales πŸ™‚

    nice to have to back da πŸ™‚

    1. πŸ™‚ Like I told Seema – I knew you would be more worried about Chutku than be J about my holiday πŸ˜€ So put that up first.

      Travalogue in the making-with pictures -somight take some time – unlike you – I will first set the picture straight and *then* load it on WP *Sticks tongue out* heheh.

  5. Been missing Chutku! Okay.. okay.. You too! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Really happy to hear that Chutku was fine during your absence. And, of course, all his tantrums will have to come back with a bang once you are back! LoL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Now, all set to become J when you post your travelogue (with pics!)!!

    1. And oh! Am fine. New job is like any new job, with trainings and such! Getting back to the groove of managing work and home. And, both the kids got sick during the first weekend only! 😦 So, now glued to the phone calls from the day care on one side and work on the other. Sigh!

  6. Yayyy.. Glad to see your post!!! πŸ˜€
    And chutku is samathu kutti only πŸ™‚
    Amma, neenu London ge hodyalla, nange bejaaru banthu,aLu banthu — ayyo paavam..give him a tighttt hug ,okie
    waiting for the pics now!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. welcome back.. it is nice to see that chutku was fine and behaved well..keeping the bathroom door open, completely agree. waititng to see the pictures now.. πŸ™‚

  8. garima

    I am so late in reading your post RS 😦
    But welcome back dear..hope you had wonderful vacation…As for Chutku ,my hero ! Sigh.Give him a tight hug..and pllzzz take him everytime you go for vacation πŸ™‚

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