Here Comes the Much Awaited Trip

Aha! After a wait of more than 6 months, running around and away from office for visas and documents and foreign exchange, we are finally off on our 14 day Europe trip today! The past couple of weeks have been horribly hectic. with too much to do at work, shopping,parents returning from their trip, leaving Chutku to see if he will get used to staying at home with my parents,hubby’s hectic schedule (why do project kick-offs and closures ALWAYS happen when there are already enough on the plate to worry about?!!)

Am I happy – yeah, this has been my dream trip since I saw DDLJ šŸ˜€ Cliche’d, I know.But in my defence,until then I had no idea how Europe (lets admit, Switzerland) looked like! And then as I grew up the list of things to see in Europe has been increasing. And finally now its happening! Sherlock Holmes in London, Langdon in Paris,Rome and Louvre (Da Vinci code-remember?) My brother’s stint in Belgium, the 007 bond movie in Venice, the romance of the Gondola in Do Lafzon ki song, and oh! The Tulip gardens of Silsila fame (sadly we wont be seeing this). So,like I said the places to see just kept increasing. And as cousins and friends began to travel to study and work – the exposure of these places began to increase, and today Im ready to get into that flight and see it all (well, most of it) for myself…

But still the Yippeeee!! excitement is not there. Mostly because Im leaving my heart back here with my parents. The past 2 days that husband and I travelled to work leaving him at home was enough to put our moods off.We have mostly travelled the 1.5hr journey in silence-each of us thinking how he would keep us occupied with his tantrums or nonstop nonsense conversation, how he would not want us to talk (for 2 years that he has been coming with us everyday)- and we could’ve spoken so much these past 2 days and we had nothing to say to each other?!! Yes, we miss him, b.i.g time. And I admit the heart is very very guilty for doing this.I feel Im deceiving him because despite telling him for over 2 weeks now that we will go to London and he will have to stay with his G’parents and him having accepted it,I feel Im forcing him to accept it-isnt it? He HAS no choice,rather we’re not giving him any. I know, practically we are doing the right thing-with 15days of constant travel, weather changes, food availability and most importantly finances added to the fact that he wouldnt remember any of this even if we took him.Sigh! But Im not able to convince myself… Im not worried about his day time-I have complete trust in the 2 sets of grandparents who will spoil him silly…My thoughts are only about his sleep time and night time when he needs me (or Dad) to be next to him, waking up in the middle of the night to check if we are there… I just hope these 15days doesnt become a torture for him.Am I putting my baby in distress for my selfishness? These thoughts are just not letting me be…

Good friends and family who have the experience of having left their children with grandparents have all assured that this wont matter to him at all in the long run, cousins and aunts have promised to come home to keep him distracted, so now once I get into that taxi for the airport- I NEED to leave these worries, if I want to enjoy-and I hope I can do that…God! Please dont let our selfishness affect our baby in any way…

Well, this became more of a worries post than about the trip -so lets get back to that-We need to leave today afternoon, Im all packed-sat up until midnight to get that done and I hope I have kept everything and its all within the specified weight limit! The husband is yet to wake up and his packing has to start now! I have already hit the panic button and he is still relaxed.whew! so its pretty much expected that I will end up packing for him-he will just throw all his things in 1 place.He knows how to sweet-talk me into doing it-saying you know how to do it most efficiently blah blah! Im trying to keep the morning free to spend with the little fellow, finished the haircut session yesterday evening, bought groceries for the next 10days for mom-dad, showed mom all Chutku’s medicines,clothes…hmmmm…cant think of anything else at the moment except keep the tickets and passport! šŸ˜€

So see-ya people, will try to upload atleast 1 photo a day šŸ™‚ so I will remember where we were and I can come back and write the travelogue post…


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