Friday Fun – The Naughtiness and Brattiness so far…

*Warning – One long Chutku filled Post – read at your own ‘bored quotient’ risk*

Chutku refuses to share toys, pushes smaller children (all children by the way), I’ve been telling him everyday on the way to work and on the way from work not to push/hit kids. The other day he had pushed another kid and that kid fell, biting his lip. When I went to pick him up, I saw that that kid and felt really guilty 😦 When asked – the care taker said that the other kid had come in the middle when Chutku was running and so in that momentum the other kid got pushed and fell down. I was so shocked that I stood there and scolded Chutku, made him say sorry, give huggie and came home. I dont know if it was the after effects of my scolding or because he saw blood on the other kid – he was pretty subdued that evening and just stuck to me like Leech. He kept telling me over and over again – “Naanu Manu na pushu maaDide, Paapa, Rattha (Rakta = blood) bantu.
After that, have heard that he doesnt push much these days or he listens to the care takers as soon as they ask him to stop. I just hope the good behaviour continues…

On another occassion, about a month ago, he himself comes and tells me “Amma, Leena juttu pull maaDide (I pulled Leena’s pony tail). I ask him why and his response is “Chennide!” “Its nice!!” – Now What do I say to this logic?!

Sometime over the last weekend, we were dropping the in-laws back home and MIL was talking to me about something seriously. But the little fellow didnt want to be left behind. He kept interrupting in loud voice and pulling my face to listen to him. No amount of asking him with ‘Please’ helped. Then I finally asked MIL to wait, looked at him and explained that we were dropping them off home and that Ajji will get down in a few minutes, so I wanted to finish talking to her. Once she got down at her home I would then talk and play with him. I am not sure how much of it he understood, but after that he didnt pester me and started playing on his own so I could continue talking to MIL.
These days his possessiveness has taken new levels. He would be playing with his cycle, then leave it at the kitchen entrance (say) nobody should even move it an inch. If we touch it, he begins to scream and shout and comes and keeps it the way he had ‘parked’ it. But one good thing about it is that at night when we tell him to ‘park’ his cycle before bed, he does it by himself so that no one else touches it! One small task off our heads! These days I take advantage of that possessiveness and ask him to fill in the toys back in its cover – else I threaten him that me or Appa will do. So, along with the screaming the living room gets cleared of atleast half the stuff so we will have some space to put our feet πŸ˜€
Eating again is a pain, but then he can even embarass at times. We came early one day-just chutku and I and there was no one at home. So took him to the neighbour’s house. There he went straight into the kitchen, asked “Seeta aunty, Chappati kodu” when she said there were no Chappatis he said “Dose kodu” (kodu=give)! Poor lady, made 2 dosas for him which he brought out in a plate,sat on the floor and ate with both his hands-finished 1.5 dosas in 1/2 hour!(At home 1 hot dosa takes 1hr to go in) And I was left picking up my jaws and my self from the floor 😦
He is one Uttara kumara! – He is afraid of the smallest of things – especially anything flying – best way to scare him is tell him there is a butterly there and he will not even turn and look πŸ˜€ Oflate, the 3 blind mice scare him, every night before going to bed he says “3 mice bhaya (afraid)” And we have to tell him that no there are no 3 mice and we will hit it if it comes near him and only then he goes to sleep.

Talking of sleep – Uff! His mind is so active even then. He talks in his sleep (I do too) and we get to know half the things that happen at the day care. On monday, his R Madam came home with us and I think he noticed her sandals, he wakes up at 4 am and starts crying with his eyes still closed – “Nange, R Madam shoes bekuuu”! Where do I get his R madam’s shoes at 4 am in the morning?!!

And then I think he put a few pieces of paper in the dustbin that day at the day care, he wakes up at 5am and says “Dustbin paper bekuuu”

Everytime I need to tell him that I will get it for him in the morning, its still dark outside, sun is also still sleeping, I cant see anything, so I will give it to him as soon as the sun wakes up and he says Good morning! Whew! Worked both times so far *touch wood* What is needed is patience and presence of mind at that moment…


One for the stolen moment: He HAS to stick to me when he sleeps/as he sleeps-either me or if I wake up and he is still in sleep he will roll over and stick to his dad. He *hates* it if I put a quilt over him-he has to be free enough to roll around on the bed, so I think he needs that body warmth of me or his dad to be comfortable. So, the other day, I was about to wake up in the morning and slowly turned to the other side to get up.Immediately,he woke up too, and then touched around to ensure I was still next to him.Once he found me, he pulled me closer,snuggled up with his arm around my neck and leg on my tummy.I asked him softly “Amma yeLodu bedava? kelasa ide” *”Amma shouldnt get up? There is work to do” He just makes a ummhmmm noise,snuggles more closer (like there was any space left before!) smiles (thinking she cant move now) and sighs! This entire episode happened with his eyes closed. Needless to say, we got late to work that day!


I hurt my feet very stupidly day-before yesterday. I was trying to show my friend how her daughter showed me that Chutku kicked her and I kicked the legs of the table.*Dont laugh!* Ended up with a cut on the upper part of my feet. (Yeah,these things happen only to me-I must also start a ‘Why me’ series inspired by RM.Duh!)

Anyway, I had forgotten about it until we went home and I was washing my feet when the wound burnt again. I must’ve grimaced because the little fellow asked me “Amma,abbu na?” *you got hurt* I said yes, so he began to scold the bathroom floor the way I do when he falls down. Then I told him that I fell in the office and not at home. For that he says “Amma, thumba abbu aayitha amma, naanu amma bekuuu antha aLallamma, neenu office nalli beeLbeda husharagiru” *Amma,did it hurt you too much? I will not cry that I want amma in the office, you dont fall,be careful* I have no idea why he put those 2 together, but I was so overwhelmed with guilt and so many emotions that I couldnt speak at all, I just hugged him and told him that I will be careful and its OK For him to ask for Amma in the office.



12 thoughts on “Friday Fun – The Naughtiness and Brattiness so far…

  1. hey dats v sweet.. I loved the one where he understood sun is sleeping and only gets up when its good morning ha ha … Ummmmmmmmmmah to him on telling – β€œAmma, thumba abbu aayitha amma, naanu amma bekuuu antha aLallamma, neenu office nalli beeLbeda husharagiru” so v sweet of him…

    Hey why not added his “Theetha Aunty shooooozu kodalla” πŸ™‚ love ya chutku..

  2. I am still wondering how I missed reading this one?! Anyway, better late than never! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Loved this post! Of course, it is okay to pull ‘nice’ pony-tails, no?! πŸ˜‰

    The stolen moment is so so adorable! Love to Chutku!

    P.S. – Why aren’t you replying to your mails and messages? All okay?

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