The Dressing Up Phase

1. Im too lazy to dress up. According to me its just a waste of time – I would rather lie around in bed for 5 more mins than get up so I get the 5 mins to dress up.

2. I can never keep my make-up on. And I have no patience to do a ‘touch up’ every couple of hours.

3. Parents never encouraged make-up – including artificial jewellery – they always thought it was just vanity and I would rather spend that time and money learning something new or even playing or even sleeping – so whatever interest existed as a teenager never took wings because of parental displeasure.

4. And now I find them extremely expensive.

5. ‘Dressing Up’ includes wearing Sarees or skirts instead of a pair of jeans or more comfortable Salwaar/Kurtha. Sometimes even a pretty dupatta. Basically anything that can hinder quick movements, or something that needs additional attention-like how to walk/stand/hold that pallu,duppatta which leaves me with 1 hand less – so who will hold the mobile/bag/Chutku? so there…

Having said all that, these days somehow things are revolving around these few things.

Ever since I moved to this new team, I notice that its filled with ladies (and it includes a lot of hassles-which must be a post of its own) of various sizes and shapes and they are all so well presented. You know, how their hair, their accessories, lipstick,clothes – all come together for a very pleasing, made-up look. Some really carry off their look so well(And I very vocally admire them), despite the weight or the lack of it – it never seems to matter. Where as some try really hard-and still dont get there. you know? Some times I feel Im that ‘wanna-be’. So this has triggered some push in me to ‘dress-up’ everyday. To top it, Chutku broke my specs and Im forced to wear lens. The first day I wore lens my boss asked me “Have you cried?” , another time a collegue asked “Are you unwell?” and I realised my eyes look sombre and sad or rather dead which was something getting hidden behind my specs (some advantage that!). That is currently making me wear kajal or eye liner everyday now. -Score 1.

And then, I got that hangings from Women’s web which I wore to work on a whim one day and everyone loved it! I kept hesitating that it makes me look unprofessional and ‘decked-up’ while everyone else laughed at me, saying its hardly anything and that I should experiment with it. -Score 2.

The hubby bought me some makeup stuff as a surprise and wanted me to try it out-because I mentioned that people at work are always ‘made-up’. So, I now advertise the eyeliner and lip liner and gloss from L’Oreal! Score -3.

Then came my friends who helped me shop for the impending trip and convinced me to add another skirt to my wardrobe with matching top and a peep-toe shoes to boot – though I insisted that the peep-toe WILL NOT be with high heels. Score-4. Now I need to figure out apart from that trip (Ofcourse Im going to wear knee length skirts there!) how many times and how many occassions would I be wearing that skirt!

Finally, on the topic of sarees – though I love to wear them occassionally, I hesitate mainly because of the little fellow now. I just cant seem to manage the Pallu and him together! so, off-late I’ve taken to wearing quite expensive (2000rs for 1 dress IS expensive according to me) silk salwaars to functions. Rotating the couple of them that I have based on which side of the family it is πŸ˜€ But the last month saw 2 functions on the MILs side and she *insisted* that I wear a saree – her arguement – all the other DILS will be in sarees and in her words “The crowd that will attend these functions havent seen my DIL and I want her to look her best” When the hubby put it in more plain words “What after omany years you want to ‘show her off’ to people whom we might never meet in our lifetime again and make her uncomfortable?” She said Yes! So, though the husband was quite insistant that I wear what ever I want, I thought it wasnt such a big deal (MIL never ever says any thing mostly) and decided to please her by wearing a simple silk saree for function 1. Which set off a chain of events leading to the function 2 where MILs sister insisted that *her* DIL also wear a ‘pattu saree’ to function 2! Whew! Which she also agreed, and attended the day 1 of function 2 (which we missed) wearing a kancheevaram saree forΒ lunch.Now, for those of you in Blore – you know how hot the days are and most other people on that day were wearing simple printed silk sarees. The DIL was so upset, she spoke to the MIL sisters and immediately called me up and said” Hey, Im not wearing a Pattu saree tomorrow”. Huh? When did I say I would? And then the whole episode explained above was unfurled! We both decided to not wear a pattu saree and infact discussed what to wear with the jewellery thrown in for good measure and went dressed accordingly – so that we were prepared to face any ‘situation’! – Score 5. Thankfully both the MILs liked us the way we were and the husbands laughed their heads off making a statement – that you 2 look more comfortable and yourself in salwaars or jeans and look pretty enough for all – why stress??! Whew! Finally – its back to jeans and salwaars for the time being πŸ˜€

And with all these, Im slowly getting to be influenced by people and situations and turning out to be a little ‘feminine’ πŸ˜€ Wonder how long this phase will last now.

So, do you get influenced by the people around you and start some new phase and enjoy it? Would you loose interest equally quick?


19 thoughts on “The Dressing Up Phase

  1. Wow.. That is some analysis, eh?! πŸ˜‰ Some pictures (of yours, of course!) could have been added. No?! πŸ™‚

    Yes.. Yes.. For both your questions. My friend J, usually is the one who loves make up and accessorizing while I am the reverse. So, with her for company/instigation, I usually end up doing things that I don’t. But, like you’ve asked, the interest fades on real quick. And I am back to my non-made-up self! He he!

  2. Hey RS! I so wanna see you re… seriously!!!

    Yea, even I get influenced by people around me and at times end up doing things that I later wonder if it was me who actually did that!

  3. lots of scores there πŸ™‚

    You know if someone says something about my dress I do completely the opposite , I have gone to weddings in a jean and sleevless tee’s ( that reminds me of the good old days when i was fit 😦 alas they did not last ) .. he he
    ok coming back to the post I do what pleases me .. for no matter what or how much one does there will always be ONE who wont like what you do

  4. so what if it is broken specs, you are wearing kajal…:) and it must be surely enhancing the eyes… good god for the jeans.. πŸ™‚ I can wear them all the the time..

  5. woww that’s a change isn’t it? I am usually that no-makeup type.. even though I will try to change my earrings, apply some foundation, lip gloss in most cases I will remove the earrings and wash off my makeup before leaving the bedroom.. that’s me πŸ™‚ once amma got me a big (by width) gold necklace, I fought with her that I am never ever going to wear it and made her exchange it for two small necklaces which again are sleeping in the locker now.. πŸ™‚
    amma decks up very nicely and people always question me or amma as “are you her daughter?” we are total opposites when it comes to dressing up. she will take so much pain in getting all the accessories for me only for me to keep them safe in the closed almera.. but but I miss her now 😦

    enjoy this dressing up phase RS..

    1. Hi Ani, Im not a jewellery person too. And I can totally relate to what you say-my MIL is like that-she always turns out well dressed with makeup and jewellery where as I go drab (compared to her) mostly. She tries to push me to wear jewellery but my best excuse always is that its in the bank locker πŸ˜€ and no time to go get it…

  6. ditto on 1, 2, 3, 5,.. where in make up for me is just lip gloss / lipstick and kajal-any function any occasion… πŸ™‚

    But yeah when I went to work I was all ‘decked up’-if you call it so πŸ˜‰ with nice earrings and a proper office type lipstick in place…

    but generally I’m not too fond of ‘getting ready’ while going out to dine/movies/shopping etc where I’ve noted lot of ladies come all dressed up tip to toe!

    baap re silk sarees in summers? and that too with Chutku in tow? Where are your feet lady ?

    As far as getting influenced by people around in terms of dressing up and clothing-umm I don’t think so cause I know my limits, make that circumference :P, and I know what all I can adopt from others’ style and all that πŸ˜‰ so I’m better off staying the way I’m-jeans tee and shoes-comfy and easy πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Scribby, about adopting from others’ style – I’ve tried and made a fool of myself! So back to being ‘me’ now- I think that works best for all of us, mostly because we know we are comfortable!

  7. Wah! kya super analysis hai!

    ME – always stuck to jeans/kurtas/salwars the last time I wore a saree was for bro’s wedding which was 5 years ago..heheeh πŸ™‚

    and oh! RD did mention you looked lovely in that saree when he saw score again!

  8. When I moved to HK, I was like Alice in Wonderland. I loved how almost everybody – from older ladies to young boys – used their clothes and styling to express their personalities. Some of it turns out pretty bizarre and might not be to everyone’s taste, but I love that too. And I got right into it too. Ironically, living here also provides me with the anonymity to go about really dressed down, stepping out in literally my pajamas, which I excuse on the basis that nobody really knows me. I went through a huge hiatus from dressing up during my pregnancy but now I’m back with a vengeance and everyone from my helpers to my colleagues are telling me (sounding shocked, which I guess is not flattering) how nice I look.

    1. Oh yeah, the pregnancy and more so the feeding period adding to the lazy factor was a good excuse to me too to be ‘just about presentable’ most of the times. Also, the fact that I didnt go to work for about 6 months.

      Now after 2 years Im kind of dusting my butt-off and making ‘some’ effort πŸ™‚

  9. super.. so thats a new makeover is it?? i too love wearing saree.. infact when i was in b’lore i use to wear once a week as nobody in my office preferred wearing, i was always in limelight. i liked being like that( as it was just after college).i had aroung 60 pair of earrings, 16 colour jumka’s with me then. i used to get matching sandals from commercial street platform. later coming to vizag, changed. i just see everyone wearing only saree here. and me being the only female in the department, i don’t feel like dressing up. even a change in eyeliner colour is observed by everyone. i saw my daughter observing me getting dressed up and repeating everything. so, i have given a break to dressing up. i too gt inspired by seeing others getting dressed up. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey! I DID Check it out but unfortunately the internet at work is not allowing me to comment or do new posts. Only these replies are going thru! Weird!

      THANKS for the mention and the pictures. Want more clearer pics though! πŸ˜€

  10. I do get influenced by all such ladies but it lasts for a very short time. I wear sarees on family occasions only cuz I look good in them πŸ˜€

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