Friday Fun:Chutku and his Cause/Effect Examples

Its been quite humid and hot these days. Saturday afternoon, he said he was feeling hot and asked me to put on the fan. Then Dad asked him – what does the fan do – he said ‘it goes round round’, then again Dad asked what happens when FAn goes Round round? He thought for a few mins (while I said Dad that it might be a little too high funda for him) and he said “Thatha, Switchu haakidre Fan baratthe, Fan round round thirgidre gaaLi baratthe, Avaga Sheke Aagalla!*” Both Dad and me had our jaws dropped to the floor!

*I put on the switch, the fan will go round round and breeze comes, then I will not feel hot”!Β  He understood the whole concept and could put it so clearly in words that made us happy. (This is a direct translation of what he said in kannada – so please dont mind the langauge mistakes)

Taking medicines is a big deal. He has now learnt to spit it the moment I pour it in his mouth, or he keeps it in his mouth without swallowing and then spits it out as soon as I am out of sight. I tried telling him that he should swallow it to get better and tried every trick under the sun but to no avail. So, as a last resort, to ensure the medicine goes down his throat-I did what the doctor had suggested – hold his nose (Yeah, I know, Im a bad mom). I poured the medicine in his mouth, waited a split second to see if he swallowed and if he didnt – I held his nose – so as a reaction, he HAD to swallow it. It happened a couple of times and then just mentioning that I will hold his nose did the trick.

After a few days, we went to a function where I fed the little fellow first and then I sat down to eat with him beside me. And the minute I drank water, he stood up on my legs and held my nose and said loud enough for everyone sitting there to hear – “Nungu” (Swallow). Everyone around laughed out loud and said “Tit for tat”!!

He has finally learnt to chew his food – atleast those that he likes. Earlier, give him a grape and he would keep it in his mouth for ages and would never bite, and then spit it out. Suddenly one day, I guess he bit it accidentally – he comes running to me and says “Amma, grapes bite maaDide – juice-u banthu, Chennide!” with a huge smile and ran away πŸ™‚
* Amma, I bit the grape and juice came, its very nice”

Half his life so far has been travelling by car – to and from work. Effect is that he recognises most cars and vehicles on the roads – Any white Xylo – Badari Maama car, Any innova – R chikkappa car, Any Ford fiesta – B Doddappa car, Any Alto – Thatha car! And the best excitement: Tata Nano.His own car: Reva car – “Amma Reva car-u nodu, naanu driving maaDtheeni, ninna angadi ge karkondu hogtheeni, gemchu thogoLana” (I will drive and take u to shop, we will buy gems πŸ™‚ ) The selfish fellow!

Its raining almost every alternate evening here. And for him its the first time that its registering. We came home one evening and he heard some noise. He looked up and around him and said “MaLe barthide – neeru yelli?” (Its raining, where is the water?) At first I didnt know what made him think of rain. Then I heard it- A lorry unloading jelly stones in theΒ  back alley and that noise sounded like rain falling on the window panes πŸ™‚


He is our own little elf these days. He loves to help especially since he knows we praise him after. He loves getting the milk packets inside, keeping them in the fridge, keeping veggies inside, his favourite-put stuff in the dustbin!


He picks up his Dad’s Dabba, asks his Dad to open the window of the car, and says “Naanu Office-u hogthini – Car inda jumpu maadtheeni!” (I will go to office, I will jump from the car!)

Finally leaving you with Some of his latest words and some pictures :

ivare = Iruve (ant)
Hemlet = Helmet
Cippulu =Clip
Mugali = Mulangi (Raddish)
slaine-u = Snail
kookal = koodalu (hair)

He looks at the seal (sea lion pic) and says it is crow!!

Some Pictures (Seema, this one’s for you-to compensate for not putting up Friday fun posts for over 2 weekends now πŸ™‚ )


12 thoughts on “Friday Fun:Chutku and his Cause/Effect Examples

  1. I loved those photus..ekdum cute cute this guy is πŸ™‚

    his words are super sweet re πŸ™‚ and I loved the way he described what a fan does..awesome!

  2. Awww he is such a adorable cute little fella ! I had a good laugh at Nungu ! And loved the way he remembers cars !!! And he sure is growing up to be an intelligent,smart,caring handsome boy πŸ™‚ Looking forward to more of him πŸ™‚

  3. garima

    Aww chutku is so intelligent kid he is *touch wood*
    Next time we meet RS am going to gulp him down (yeah i know am cruel aunt :-))

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