The Weekend that Was…

Was a lot of activities and a lot of fun too.

Friday – Took the Day off as we had to do the Akshara Abhyasa pooja for Chutku. It is mainly done in the 3rd year before the kid joins school. And 4th was the ‘good date’ that the pundit ji gave us. So, we did a small pooja and we made him write on rice with a gold finger ring after which we just left him to scribble to his heart’s content on the slate. And not just the slate, his clothes too got some nice chalk doodles πŸ™‚

Once done with the pooja by 10am, we relaxed – I put him to sleep and sat down to finish ‘The Feast of Roses’ until 12.30 while hubby ran around getting documents xeroxed for the passport appointment at 1.30 for Chutku. So had a hurried lunch, got him ready, packed lunch for him so I could feed him in the car and we left home at 1pm to reach the passport office at 1.40. We hurried in and after standing in the queue for 1/2 hour, the verifying officer said that the address proof of RAtion card is not enough. So we rushed back home, grabbed some electricity, water,telephone bills and rushed back by 3.15. Whew! It was HOT and tempers were raising in the car too – including the little fellow’s. Thankfully, they accepted the documents that time around ( we were worried that they will not oblige and ask us to take a fresh appointment) and then the longer wait began. After the first round of verification and the second round of collecting fees and checking the passport application forms we had to wait for 1/2 hour for the counter B officers to call us. What did the counter B officer do? – check the same documents again – our passports and then address proof and sent us off to counter C. Now here begins the hassle. At counter B – there are say 15 officers and at counter C there are only 4. So quite obviously there is a huge line of people waiting here. Though they have mentioned on the notice board that for Senior citizens, children below 3 yrs and tatkal will be done on priority basis once you come to counter C nothing of that sort happens. And one of the persons standing there and yelling out token numbers told hubby, when asked, that the token numbers are picked up in a random order and depending on how many token numbers were there for a particular category 😦 So we waited and waited for nearly an hour before we were called with a cranky child (there were many like us) and then finally the Granting officer also did the same- verify the originals and the xerox copies! Whew! The entire day just went by sitting there.

We were hungry by then and on the way dropped into to Forum mall, ate at transit while the little fellow- happy with the banana he ate, ran around so much that we decided to take turns-one eating and the other running behind him. Im sure we provided enough entertainments to the others eating at the transit. once done, I went to return something at westside and instead bought a couple of lip gloss and nail polish from L’oreal! Yeah! I think something had gone wrong in my head after all those hours at the passport office! :-O in turnΒ  the little fellow got all his finger nails painted-1 shade for each finger-all shades of Rrrreds, Purrrples and brrroownnns! *Gross* (which I painstakingly removed while he slept on sat hehe).

Sat – We had a function to attend and we reached the venue so late that the food was also almost all over…MIL had insisted that i ‘dress-up’ in a saree and not to go in my ‘usual salwar’. So, lots of ‘dress-up’ happened in saree -so much so that I couldnt really feed Chutku his dinner-his Dad had to do it *smirk*.
Sun – With my parents going to London to visit Bro in June and with my FIL wanting to listen to my Chikkamma (Mom’s Sis) sing (She sings extremely well-has even sung for AIR), we had arranged for a musical evening yesterday with all my Family members, in-laws and a couple of FILs friends. The event was supposed to start at 3 but by the time everyone trickled in and my aunt actually started to sing it was about 4pm. And went on till about 5.30pm with her singing a lot of out favourite Bhava-GeethegaLu. Post which we served upma and kesari bhaat, coffee, ice cream, bonda with sauce (the caterer had forgotten to get the chutney! πŸ˜› ) and by the time everyone left and we dropped my aunt and cousin back home it was 8.30pm. So it was aΒ  wonderful evening spent with good music. Like I was telling hubby – “mehfil jamaa sakte the if we had started by 6.30 with ‘drinks’ and finger foods and with candles and orage lights” πŸ˜€ We should surely try that for the next time (hehe). Thankfully the little fellow slept on the way back in the car so that was a little relief. I had a long chat with hubby’s cousin and hit the bed satisfied and tired at 10pm.

This was one long weekend which was worth recording…


15 thoughts on “The Weekend that Was…

  1. Wah! what a super weekend…including the passport office waiting πŸ™‚

    Big hugs to Chutku for becoming officially one writing guy πŸ˜‰

  2. hey.. so chutku started writing?? nice nice.. passport getting is a tedious process unless you know an agent.. thanks to e-seva, its quikcer now.. they agreed on phone and gas bill? they didn’t ask for one year old bill??

    what was chutku’s reason for songs sung?? my daughter tries to sing along in her tune and words.. :P..

    looks like u enjoyed the weekend..

    1. Hi AM, An agent for the Passport doesnt work now. You have to be personally present for everything.

      Chutku was making as much noise as possible – had to keep him quiet with 2 packets of Gems! 😦

  3. so officially now chutku can write!! πŸ™‚ walls included?? Hah ah I m putting ideas into his head!!
    Hey u cud hv left chutku in that kids area (not sure wat u call it) in transit… He wud hv defenetely enjoyed playing with other kids.. Hv u tried doing it before??

    Where r the photos maam??

  4. garima

    Wow one jampacked long weekend for you and lot of varitey…from pooja ,to passport office to musical afternoon :-)Congrats to the little one for writting/doodling for the first time.Happy writing chutku πŸ™‚

  5. hmmm so finally the passport application got submitted .. but why do all counters need to check the same documents ..

    and all those colors on nails hmmmmmm πŸ™‚ you tested colors on the little one ..

  6. Congratulations on Chutku now officially allowed to write and scribble πŸ™‚
    Am glad the passport application got submitted the same day, else the people in the passport office can trouble us in infinite ways 😦
    The musical evening idea sounds great..must have been great fun πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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