Friday Fun – Chutku Gaya Cubbon Park

Over the last weekend, we took chutku to Cubbon park – finally. It was a dream for my MIL that we should be taking him on the toy train ride and something or the other always came up and the outing never happened. So, this saturday, Mom also had a holiday, so with 2 sets of grandparents and parents – Chutku went to Cubbon park.

Sometimes, I feel he is more grown up and mature than us! While we rushed to get the tickets for the toy train, he leisurely ambled around looking here and there, tripping here and there, getting up, dusting himself off and then following us. He was so lost looking at the huge crowds and kids everywhere. He sees a kid, he stops and asks “what is your name” And he repeatedly asks the same question over and over to any kid he sees! You can imagine my frustration while Im trying to get him in the queue and he does this with the respective kids’ parent staring at me!! But then, it was so much fun watching him do that-trying to strike a conversation with perfect strangers.

Once inside the train, he was so lost that he didnt know what was going on. He kept trying to see forward towards the engine and kept looking backward to see how long the train was. At the small tunnel, everyone screamed and his face was a sight to see. Being the bad mom, I was laughing my head off looking at his face with wide eyes and open mouth turning here and there. And then, he saw the slides and the swings from the train-that was the only thing he recognised and the only thing he wanted to go to later. Once we got down, he kept bending to look at the engine, so until the next set of people loaded onto the train, I carried him and stood there so he could take his fill of the engine and sing ‘Engine No 9’.A couple of pics that hubby clicked there all have Chutku staring at the engine and the driver 😀

Then we saw this Dragon ride which is just one small circular ride with a “hump” in the center – so it kind of goes up a little and comes down in full speed. We took Chuktu in that because he loves ‘humps’ on the road. We call it the ‘dhad dhad’. He thoroughly enjoyed that ride and we kept saying ‘up up up up’ ‘down down down down’ to also make him understand the concept.he said “Thirga Onana” “Lets go again”. But then we also wanted him to sit in the tea-cup and so we rushed there as all rides close by 6pm and it was past 5.30. Unfortunately he didnt enjoy that one bit. He got scared, climbed into my lap, hugged me and put his head on my shoulder saying “Chennilla amma, Onana” “Its not nice amma, lets go”. I felt that in our greed to show him everything, we over did it a bit. Felt sorry for him after that 😦

And then we just decided to take him to the playground where he played a little bit of see-saw,swing and a couple of times on the slide. Unfortunately it became 6pm by then and the security guy came blowing his whistle asking everyone to clear the place. So, we decided we should take him there again sometime and this time with more time to spare. And rather than sitting on all the rides, we should just let him run around and play in the park.Despite the heat, the place with so many trees was so cool that we all, also enjoyed the cool breeze as we walked back to the car.

We then went to Ballal residency for dinner as all of us were exhausted! There the little fellow put on a show for everyone sitting in the courtyard by singing all the songs/rhymes he knew and thankfully for the first time I could do some decent recording of it all 🙂

And sunday morning, when asked where he had been last evening, he says “cunnon paLk. jhoola jhoola, jaaro bande” (Cubbon park, swings and slide) – NOW, we know what he enjoyed most… Sigh! Simple pleasures is all that he craves for…


9 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Chutku Gaya Cubbon Park

  1. What fun na!!! loved loved loved the fun rides…and the best part was when he says what he enjoyed the most…best things in life often come in simple forms eh?

  2. My first time here 🙂 Came here thru’ RM’s blog.
    It is such a joy to see some of you talk of your kids and share stories. I loved reading this one ! 🙂
    the last line summed it up so perfectly ! 🙂

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