Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s Soul

I finally, finally got selected to review this 1 book from Blog Adda and I was thrilled to recieve this book last Thursday. Thankfully I had just finished reading a book and very happily took this one up.

For one – I’ve always liked Chicken Soup series – read most of them. But somehow always the setting used to be very different and there were occassions where I really couldnt ‘connect’ to the story.

But this one – I Loved! Brought out the super romantic in me 🙂 The stories are so true and sometimes you can visualise the ‘romance’ between the 2. Its all about romance all-right, but not too mushy like the typical M&B either. True stories that you would’ve seen around you-uncles and aunts, cousins – couples around you.

Some stories just brought tears to my eyes, some where I was found nodding away realising “Hey this sounds familiar”, some where I had a silly smile on the face, some which really rung very close home. Some morose about loosing a partner – where you know there will come a time when one of you will outlive the other – got me thinking too and having a mood-off!

A couple of stories, if I remember right “Sincerely yours” is beautiful.About how love not expressed in words. Some where love takes a backseat in the daily routine of kids and work and running the house and how we would end up finding it at the oddest of moments…

Some stories where I thought – would we (hubby and I) be like this in our old age – a rosy picture of the 2 of us holding hands to support each other and walking towards the sunset, or would we continue to be bickering about silly things and complain to show that we care…

Some pages that have been ear-marked to ensure Hubby reads it…

So in all – its an emotional roller-coaster -especially if you ’empathise’ the romance in those stories 🙂 Go pick it up for some feel good love…

What I didnt like – some were boring and some about death, but every Chicken soup has such stories – you cant like all now- can you? So I would rate a 4/5 for this book.

PS: And Oh! Chutku took a look at the front page and called it Amma and Appa! 😀


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6 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s Soul

  1. Loved the review. Specially the way you wrote how you could relate to the different instances or situations in the story. I still have a loooong way to go in reviewing books 😦

    And of course, undoubtedly Chutku’s words have to take the cake for me 😀

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