Friday Fun – The Naughtiness

He has taken a huge liking to water. An extra mug has to be given so that we can give him a decent bath.He asks us to fill his Sippy with water and then walks around the house with the sippy in inverted position-with a stream of water on the floor! Now not just pick up after him but also wipe after him. Susu is again a bahana-to go in there, open the tap and start filling the mug with water.Ask him why he wants that water, he promptly replies:Amma,susu water (I will pour water to susu). Eh? You need to first DO susu na?
And ask him where anyone is, he will tell – Ammamma-kitchen, Thatha-Room, Appa – office, Amma – Susu! Eh? Even to the neighbour.This boy is born to embarass me, I tell ya…
Every night its his Ammamma who feeds him dinner – showing him the moon, threatening to call the police, running around behind him and ensuring that he eats his dinner. The other day he didnt want to eat anymore and mom was cajoling him, that see even Chandamaama moon is eating dinner from his grandma and insisted that he eats a morsel too. That worked for a couple of bites and then he says “Ammamma, chandamaama moon ammamma susu maadakke hogide, neenu hogu, nange beda!” *Moon’s grandma has gone to susu, so you also go, i dont want anymore*! Mom was so shaken with laughter that she couldnt even continue to stand there πŸ™‚
He is fascinated with the cooker and all kitchen items. Not sure if I have mentioned here but he loves to throw the vessels into the ktichen sink and hear it make that loud ‘ThaN thaNa’ noise. So, he gets the milk packet and says “amma, cut cut maadu, haalu kodu” (cut cut and give me milk) and then wants to cut the veggies himself, the powder puff is his chappatti – he goes around with it,puts it on the floor,presses it,turns it this way and that and says “Amma, chappatti-thinnu*eat* “. He loves serving coffee to everyone, he pours water into any vessel he can get, keeps it on a plastic stool we have and pushes the stool to us making enough noise to wake the sleeping dogs and then before I can scream at him for the noise, comes to me very sweetly, hands over the vessel (it can even be the huge chappati atta making one) and says “Amma, cOpphhee, kudi*drink*”there, I cant even scold him without feeling guilty 😦

Every morning, we have to take a U-turn at a signal and that takes nearly 5 mins. At the signal, there are many pigeons and that is our favourite pass time- to count how many are there and how the fly… One morning there were only 3 of them sitting on the parapet of the building and I was showing them to Chutku and saying, see there are only 3 birds today. Where did the rest of them go… Suddenly he screams, “Amma,alli amma, alli ide nodu – kaLLa maadthide”. *”Look amma,look there, its is playing peek-a-boo” Sure enough, there was 1 pigeon, half visible, hopping around behind the bill board!


15 thoughts on “Friday Fun – The Naughtiness

  1. garima

    Wow your future dil will be one lukcy lady with chutku preparing coffee and roti πŸ™‚
    Lol on amma susu πŸ™‚
    Btw did he really say peek a boo…he is one smart fellow,love you chtku πŸ™‚

  2. Lol on ‘You need to first DO susu na?’ – But it’s a good sign to start potty training I guess. You can always reward him with a mug of water no?
    I can empathize with you RS. Been there, done that, still at it πŸ˜€ These days, Tammu can be spotted most of the time in front of the basin mirror. She takes water from the tap and applies it all over her hair. Then combs her hair in all possible ways and admires herself πŸ™„

    ‘Amma – Susu’ takes the cake for me. Sorry but I haven’t been able to stop laughing after reading this πŸ˜†

    He wants to send everyone to Susu? Hahaha… Smart boy. Muah to him

    Awww… Cho chweet πŸ˜€ Just an idea, when he comes to serve you some food, you give him back all the nakhras he does to eat his food. If required, ask him to go to su su. Let everyone in the house do it to him and he will know how it feels to be at the receiving end. Lemme know his reaction if you happen to try it…

    Wow, he is a good observer re. Cool πŸ™‚

    1. Seema, 1 mug of water – no, I will give him the whole bucket of water – but he doesnt want that – he wants the tap to be open all the time and play with it. Potty training in progress, success 80% of the times for both susu and potty, still in the middle of play-he forgets to tell…and I think thats OK. Night time training-im too lazy to start it yet 😦

      And your idea is good. Must try giving it back to him.Atleast that way he MIGHT realise!

      Yeah – susu gives him the chance to play with water na-so when anyone goes to susu, he also wants to go so he can play – thats the idea πŸ™‚

      Tammu and her nakhras – I LOOOOOVVVEE them. you should take pictures of all these nakhras and post them-also, show them to her later and embarass her πŸ˜›

  3. Kids dont lie, so that means u r always doing susu he he he πŸ™‚ I m imagining ur face expression when the neighbour asked “You were doing susu” hehe

    Wow helping mom now only haan, good boy!!

    LOL on β€œAmmamma, chandamaama moon ammamma susu maadakke hogide, neenu hogu, nange beda!”

    Does he love being in the pool too? Hv u tried it? may be he will turn out to be a swimmer??

    Love reading ur chutku tales!! Hugs and Ummmmah to Chutku!! Hv a lovely weekend!!

    1. He is scared of the swimming pool πŸ˜€ Thank God! And no im scared to put him in the pool yet. Though I do let him put his legs in the water. Good idea actually – should try and see how he takes to water otherwise…

  4. lol @ amma susu πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    aww @ coffee πŸ™‚ he is sho cute re!

    see how intelligent our Chutku is..the birds were playing peek-a-boo no amma? πŸ˜€

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