Thoughts on my mind right now

-Oh how did I goof up that very important list at work? Though not entirely my fault – there was a 50% chance of me reviewing and correcting it. So the onus is on me šŸ˜¦

– Do I really need to attend the 2-4 session? Loads more to complete today (yeah, and kicking myself for writing this post instead of completing that work)

-Mom and Dad going to meet brother in June – how do I manage alone after having been used to them around for so long?

– What if that long pending Hyderabad trip for me or Mumbai trip for hubby materialises at that time only :-O?

– Cook being mean to mom – talking to her in singular. No amount of telling her that she cant talk like that is working.She has a BIG attitude problem. Do I send her away or like mom says wait and watch?

-Long time since I met the school friends. Should call them up sometime soon…

-Should we go buy Chutku a new pair of slippers today if we leave early?

– What to do about that mounting credit card bill? And there is still so much more shopping to do!! God! Scary thought…

– I need to give money for Chutku’s milk for the afternoon for his bread.Or shall i take the bread back home and buy him a butter omlette instead,which he likes?

– I need to call up that shop from where Women’s web sent me that earrings as gift. Checked them out on FB and its so cool. Everyone loved it in office and now I want to experiment with my looks wearing dangler ear rings – something I have never done before.

Ā – Chutku – sigh! This boy šŸ˜¦ How do you discipline a rowdy, stubborn, dripping with attitude, 2yr old? Are we missing something in his upbringing?

-And Oh! I need to update the posts category and review my WP space once. When do I do that? Tonight after he sleeps? Lets see…

Do you all have such random,disconnected thoughts – some important,some silly and some mundane all within 5 mins? ?Husband says that my brain is like intel Pentium – whatever is the latest version, to be multi tasking like this… Am I weird?


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on my mind right now

  1. Nope you are not are just human

    Dont know about the others, but dont worry on Chutku’s behavior too much..R is still the same and sometimes worse at 3..75 *rolls eyes*

  2. Dunno why but I loved this post a lotttt.

    I too have so many such random, discreet, disconnected thoughts going on in my mind at the same time. You know what? I guess I’m gonna take this up as a tag and do it some time soon šŸ™‚

  3. Oh yes! I too hv multiple threads running in my mind constantly and all trivial stuff, so I actually try and jot down the list as much as I can and ticking them off gives immense happiness and a burden-off-the-shoulder-feeling..

    But lady dont take stress on these small things, u too follow the
    list-andtick- policy šŸ™‚

  4. Ha ha thoroughly enjoyed this !!! So original ! I guess every girl/lady out there can relate to that tirade of disconnected thoughts šŸ™‚

  5. oye whatever it is don’t call him rowdy, stubborn whatever…you mean mommy šŸ˜›

    so many thoughts on our minds no? I wonder when does it take a break? while sleeping or no? cause even then we are dreaming so aren’t dreams a kind of stream of thoughts wonly? sigh! poor brain!

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